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Thursday, 21 September 2017

India: The Travel Archives - Monkey Temple

I've been tracking back into the archives since one year ago I was backpacking in India. I've written posts on my time in Delhi, Jaipur and at the Taj Mahal but one of my favourite experiences was at the Monkey Temple.

The Monkey Temple (aka Galta Ji Temple) was in Agra and hands-down one of my favourite things about my whole trip. 

2 wild troops of monkeys moved in to a temple built into the mountains and you can get really close to them and feed them. Out driver was so helpful and even bought bananas for us because he said if we got them we would be paying about 3 times more haha. He recommended we got a guide at the temple and I'm really glad we did because the guide was great for helping us interact safely, not accidentally upset the animals and not be agitated by them. I was really happy with this from an ethics point of view - these macaques are wild, free to get away from humans at any point and are getting lots of free food. They've got a pretty sweet deal haha.

(check out Michael Jackson at the front there haha ^^)

The guide was great, took us round the whole temple and we genuinely had monkeys bouncing off ours heads, shoulders and arms the whole time. We interacted with the troops and a baby monkey tried to steal my scarf which was so much fun. One baby even climbed through my hair and because of all the frizz it got it's foot stuck hahaha. We even had a cow come up to us for food whilst we were feeding the monkeys which I found so funny, just turning round and there he was just waiting for some banana too haha.

Next stop, Goa, see you then,


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