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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

India: The Travel Archives - A slice of Heaven in Goa

After the hustle and bustle of backpacking around Delhi, Agra and Jaipur we decided to head for some (much-needed!!!) relaxation in Goa.

We spent two days in Vagator and a week at The Leela.

^^ The obligatory hot dogs or legs picture. If you don't take it, did you even go on holiday?

Unfortunately I didn't quite get the hotel booking right first time. I had booked us into a small hotel in Vagator which had really good reviews on trip advisor...it took me about 2 hours to realise there was absolutely nothing to do there. I think it's because we travelled in Monsoon season and it was off-peak because there were lots of mentions of bars and restaurants but when we got there....we couldn't find anything open. Unlucky!

I think if you're in Goa you need to hire a moped to go sightseeing and at the time, my partner was so ill they could barely eat so hiring a a moped was definitely out of the question. We were stuck with getting up, having breakfast, waiting for my partner to vomit up said breakfast and then having a walk...doing nothing is only fun when it's an option. He was ill and I was getting cabin fever sat around doing nothing; We needed to move to a new place pronto.

There were no doctors open because there had been a festival so we just had to wait the illness out. After 2 days he started to recover a little and said he felt ok to travel so I immediately booked us in to a new resort - The Leela -  One of the top 100 hotels in the world and for good reason!

On arrival we were greeted with flower garlands, fresh coconuts and a pillow menu. After sweating it out in our tiny apartment in Vagator it felt like karma haha. Definitely exactly what my partner needed to fully re-coup and although I definitely didn't need it, who doesn't like nice things every now and then?

After the craziness of the cities in India it felt incredible to completely relax. Our room had the deepest bath ever and had a terrace overlooking a lake covered in pink lilies, there was a pool and a private stretch of beach. We spent our days lazing by the pool and walking across the beach. Heaven. Goa is much more relaxed and western than other parts of India so it was nice to be able to wear what I wanted without worrying about it. This is probably the only place that I actually got a tan because I didn't need to fully cocoon myself in clothes haha.

Essentially all I did here was eat samosas and read but it was the best. One of the things that I did find a bit weird about this resort was that someone was employed to scrub bird poo on the paths but there wasn't free WiFi. Seemed a little odd to me but yanoo...maybe other people aren't quite as addicted to technology as I am haha.

We had the best time in Goa and both of us would definitely recommend it to anyone planning a trip to India; it's a great break from the craziness of the cities and it sort of helps you appreciate them a bit more when you get back.

With that, the last of the Indian Achives are finished, see you soon,


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