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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Bosnia and Herzegovnia

Montenegro is a perfect base to explore Bosnia and Herzegovnia and so that's exactly what we did! We headed to Trebinje to see the Hercegovacka Gracanica; a monastery nestled right at the top of a mountain.

The drive took about 2 hours in all with the border crossing and it was enjoyable because the views the whole way were like this...

I love road trips and enjoy driving so it was great. We hired our car from SIXT at the airport and had to get a green card for our border crossing as well as separate tickets from our hotel. We had no problems but I do know someone at work who got stuck in traffic returning a SIXT car and had a ridiculous fine of 200 euros...I told them we would drop off the car a couple of hours later to give us lee-way after I heard that!

We arrived at the monastery, Hercegovacka Gracanica and it had seriously instagramable views.
My dress is from Warehouse for those of you interested. Also, very annoyingly, I think it's in the sale now. I hate it when that happens!

Anyway, back to the views. The mountain here reminds me of Table mountain in South Africa so we spent a bit of time taking it all in and soaking up the sun.

Before heading up the hill to the monastery and exploring inside.

It reminded me a lot of the Russian churches, particularly the church of spilled blood. Although very pretty it is small so after we had looked round we decided to settle at the cafe on site and have lunch.

 How ridiculously nice is this view? I love when you find an unexpected and deserted place when you're away.

We (almost) had the place to ourselves!

After our break we had one more quick look before we headed to Split, Croatia.

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