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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Chocolate bombe surprise

So if you follow me on instagram you would have seen my really cringe-y experience where I ordered a chocolate bomb pudding from Bills and I wasn't allowed to pour the sauce myself 'for health & safety reasons'. It was a tenner and wasn't even nice - what a joke. I decided to make my own and it turned out so much better. Take a look!

Compared to...

Unrelated but can anyone help me with how to get this instagram videos in-line with others in posts...I can never seem to manage it..

Back to the dessert. If I ever go on come dine with me I'm definitely going to make something with one of these chocolate shells - it looks properly fancy but it's actually really easy - all you need is time and patience.

A dark chocolate shell covering a chocolate cookie, raspberry sorbet, strawberries and pistachios and covered with a hot white chocolate cream sauce. Very indulgent and perfect for my sweet tooth.

You only need balloons for the dome; I have used a plastic shell to make chocolate globes before and it's so difficult because if you don't have the temperature exactly right the chocolate gets stuck in the shell so I wouldn't bother with them, just use the balloons. I found them much easier.

Inflate them a little (a bowl is a good guideline). My balloons had a bit of a nib at the top of them so if yours are the same tilt them and just use the sides..like this.

Melt the chocolate (with a little coconut oil) and then let it cool. If you use it hot on the balloons they might burst so just wait a little. I put a thick layer on, balanced them on a jam jar lid and put them in the freezer. Balancing them is so easy so don't worry about that at all. You need to leave the balloon globes in the freezer for a couple of hours. Don't be tempted to get them out early like I did...you will just have to do it again.

Use dark or milk chocolate. I did try the globes with white chocolate but they were just too soft and they didn't seem to set in the same way as the others so I couldn't use them in the end.

When the globes are set pop the balloons and pull them out to leave the shell. 

I sprinkled some pink glitter on mine just because I thought it'd look nice but do whatever you want; Green tea powder or edible gold glitter would look great as well. Assemble the filling and put the globe on top. I thought the raspberry sorbet worked really well but use whatever you like just make sure it's really colourful so it has more of an impact. 

Make the sauce by heating double cream with milk chocolate until you have a smooth sauce. Then when you are ready pour and tuck in,



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