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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Halloween bat outfit, make up and recipe

Two in one posts today - I've combined a halloween outfit and make-up post since neither are things I typically write about. I've also put in a very easy super-quick Halloween recipe (right at the end) to make it a bit more palatable if that's not your thing haha.

So first thing's first - make up, I used the body shop highlighter with Ellis Faas highlighter dusted on top and then a ton of gems. I really wanted to buy those gypsy shrine gems everyone was wearing a few months ago but I couldn't find them anywhere. Instead I bought some from hobbycraft (I think originally intended for wall decorations), melted off the adhesive in hot water and then stuck them on with mascara glue on top of a smoky-eye.

I also used glitter...just because I bloody love glitter.

Then that's it - easy!

I'm terrible at doing big chunky eye-liner flicks so I cheated my way to it. I used a vamp stamp to cheat my way to laying out the general shape. If you don't have one then you can also use a bobby pin - Both hacks are marketed as the perfect way to get an eyeliner flick which I haven't found, but they are quite good for getting the general (rough) outline.

I got this off ebay for a couple of pounds. You basically cover the end (there's a right and left side) with liquid eyeliner and then stamp it on.It's pretty easy but definitely not perfect. You have to go over it to get the right shape and it is a knack.

I find liquid eyeliner a bit rubbish for staying on so I went over the whole thing with maybelline gel liner. You have to go over the shape anyway because you get a rough point but not a perfect flick so may as well be with something longer-lasting. The vamp-stamp is okay and I will probably use it again but I wouldn't pay more than a fiver if I were you. If you don't want to spend that you can also use the end of a bobby-pin dipped in liquid eyeliner. The results are pretty similar to the vamp stamp but it is a little tricker.

This is the bobby-pin with liquid eyeliner and lash-sensational mascara.

For my brows used this brow-pencil by Maybelline which has replaced the Anastashia Brow Pomade as my go-to.

Next up - the outfit. I just got a black vest, a fringed skirt, some boots and made bat wings. I always leave Halloween to the last minute. I plan to arrange my outfit in advance but I never do and then I have to find something quick to make ASAP that's not a cat because yanoo...everyone is always a cat. It's actually so easy to DIY this you just basically need to hack at an umbrella with some pliers and then you've got the wings. This is how I did it:

I've actually ended up ripping out the main section of metal in the middle to make it comfier but I've not photographed the end product as it was a last minute decision - if you end up doing that just be really careful no metal is jabbing you in the back and use pliers.

The first thing you need to do is cut your umbrella like so:

Then use pliers to remove the metal section in the middle and voila! Luckily mine had a plastic centre so there was no exposed metal but if yours has then you should remove the whole middle part to avoid any sharp bits. Another thing to bear in mind as well is the end of the spokes - mine are rounded but if yours aren't then blob glue on the ends or something so you don't end up hurting anyone.

Finally: For the super-easy recipe make these cute bats! 


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