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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Hosting the ultimate surprise party

I hosted my first ever surprise party the other week. It went so well and I wanted to show you all in case your loved one's have a birthday coming up. It was a lot of work to pull it off but so worth it because my partner had no clue, mwhahahaha!

I made a mermaid tail cake, lemon-vodka jelly shots (in lemon skins), a giant chicken-mole and snuck two massive balloons, 15 people and a lots of drinks into the house. I had to do all the preparation around the house in secret; I had the jelly shots in the freezer and the cake stashed in my office. I even hid the balloons in my car and had to park round the corner so no one would see. It was so difficult not to blab because I am terrible at keeping secrets but I pulled it off.

If you want to make the mermaid cake like the one below it's so simple. I stacked 4 cakes together, swirled white, pink and purple buttercream together with a fork and made a purple mermaid tail. It was so easy and didn't take very long to decorate at all so I would definitely recommend it.

The chicken-mole was scaled up from my recipe and I just had it laid out on the side with lots of nachos, cheese and disposable plates (an essential!).

The lemon-jelly shots were definitely the highlight of everything I made- they looked so so good. If you want to make them it's so easy, just mix 3/4 lemon juice to 1/4 vodka and add the sheets of gelatin (you have to soak them in warm water first). I halved the lemons lengthways, juiced them and removed the pith before filling them with the jelly mixture. After a few hours in the fridge they were set and I cut them in half to make these lemon slices. I rubbed a little water on one of the lemon sides then dipped it in this glitter sugar. I think they look great!

They would be nice without vodka as well but I really wanted vodka jelly shots ready and it was a party so yanoo...would be rude not to haha.

Other than that I just laid out the alcohol, tied the balloons up and had everyone arrive in the house before my partner got back from his day out. I bought a ridiculous amount of alcohol - there were 60 bottles of beer, 2 of vodka, a keg, gin, disaronno, prosecco and so many mixers, by the end we only had one beer bottle left so it worked out well. I think everyone would have been so hungover the next day because we also went out at about 11 to drink more so we wouldn't upset the neighbours...oops!

All in all it went so well and I'm so glad I did it. If you're thinking of hosting a surprise party I hope this gives you some ideas.



  1. This is such a cute idea! LOVE the lemon-jelly shots, definitely gonna make some next time I have a party!


    1. Thank you! I'd definitely make them again, maybe with limes and midori for Halloween or some thing. They were just so easy but went down ridiculously well,



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