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Sunday, 15 October 2017


Do you remember that exam I was stressing out about a while ago? I found out I got a distinction.  I didn't sleep properly for weeks before the exam results came out because I was so worried about it and I just got myself into such a state. It's actually ridiculous how much pressure a person can put on themselves. I also had a 2 hour contortion workshop today so I really needed to loosen my muscles up after (attempting!!!) to pull myself into unusual shapes.

I am definitely not overstating this when I say I really needed to chill out. I know its OTT to put flowers in the bath but you know what? I am OTT so...

I also used this amazing glittery bath melt that smells a little like the fruit salad sweets from when I was a kid.

I also bought this hair conditioning bar that smells like heaven. It said on the website you only needed to use a few swipes - I'm not sure what glossy-haired people just need a little because I have to use loads to get my hair to behave itself. Having said that my hair is quite unruly so it could just be me that's it's not amazing for. This would be a good product for travelling/festivals but when at home I'd say stick to the other stuff.

I bought my favourite lush product ever to replace my empty bottle. No drought is hands-down my favourite hair product. It's not as easy to use as batiste spray, or as good for adding volume but it lasts for so so long that it's really cheap. It's under a tenner and a bottle this size usually lasts me about a year - I used to buy a can of batiste every week so it's great.

I also got these toothy tabs which are alright but to be honest they have a mild aftertaste of soap...so fine in desperate times but if I'm honest I might not get these again haha.



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