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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Sea-kayaking in the bay of kotor

We spent the morning sea-kayaking in the bay of Kotor.

We drove down first thing and checked out the view while we waited for our guide to get everything ready.

By the time we were ready to go the sun had come out in full force. It was so ridiculously hot by this point that I actually had to drench my buoyancy aid in the water before I put it on because it was so warm I couldn't handle it. I sat in the front to direct...which was hilarious because my sense of direction is honestly just...tragic at best. Luckily as we were on a tour we didn't get lost.

We kayaked round what felt like the whole bay, but in reality was probably the tiniest bit. We glided past large stretches of beaches, old churches and restaurants filled with people taking a break from the sun. The water was completely clear so everytime I looked down I could see fish swimming about which was just amazing. 

Eventually I felt like my arms had turned into noodles so we stopped for a break on a pebble beach and relaxed.

After our arms felt recovered we got back into the kayaks only to find then instantly hurting again. We did kayak back...just really really slowly haha because I was the most useless member of a team ever and kept stopping for breaks every 2 minutes... I think the overall consensus was that in a crisis...I will be the one stopping for naps and a biscuits and generally not being helpful at all. #SorryNotSorry

After all of that it was time to relax!

Until next time,


p.s. For those interested by bikini is french connection (the flowery one) and the other one is from target x


  1. Gosh, this looks like a peace of heaven, so glorious! xx


    1. Thanks! It really was lovely to visit. Plus I love watersports so it was a really fun day,


  2. What a beautiful bay! The water looks so clear x

    1. I think so too - yes it was so clear it was a bit unreal. I kept calling it 50 shades of blue haha,



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