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Sunday, 22 October 2017


I'm back from my Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia trip and have properly itchy-feet. I hate not having anything to look forward to when I get back. I just know one day I will have a family and more responsibilities so I'm keen to make the most of it now.

I've got Australia and Japan planned for next year but I've still got some annual leave left; any recommendations? 

I keep toying with the idea of Morocco, perhaps in December? If you've been I'd love to hear about it. I quite fancy riding a camel although last time I did, the camel behind me hated me so much it kept spitting on my back for the whole trek haha. 


p.s. this travel map cost me about £7.50 - I bought the map off ebay and the corkboard from Wilkinsons; Much cheaper to DIY than buy the pre-made corkboard maps off the internet, I actually couldn't get over how expensive they are online - £30 are they having a laugh?! Do yourself a favour and get on ebay asap. How cute are the turtle pins as well?

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