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Monday, 13 November 2017


I explored Geneva over two days; we ended up handing back our rental car and just using the public transport for Geneva ready for out flight home to discover...it was cancelled! This was actually great for us because we got a public transport pass for free and stayed in the International which was pretty nice. We had tried driving and parking in Geneva the day before and was one big headache so definitely public transport is the way to go here. I enjoyed being out of the AirBnB, which was lovely but it is a bit awkward being in someone else's home sometimes isn't it?! I also hate it when they say you can use communal spaces but make it awkward for you to do it - We didn't end up having any meals in but it would've have been a good way to save some money because Geneva is so expensive.

The hotel had an amazing view so I loved It!

This is the first time ever that I actually bought Toblerone at an airport since I got a food voucher and used it all on mini Toblerone haha. 

In Geneva we did a lot of sightseeing and we ate lots of fondue (which was incredible) and also had hot chocolate and marizpan cakes at Auer chocolatier. It's a famous chocolatier because it used to cause horse-carriage traffic jams in the city from people queuing to get their praline fix which I thought was funny because yanoo, I can relate to being that desperate for some haha.

After stuffing ourselves we went for a wander around and ended up going to the top of St. Pierres Cathedral. The view from St.Pierres was great because it had loads of different levels and bits to see (both inside and out) and was one of the cheapest things in Geneva. I can't remember the price exactly but I remember that I didn't automatically feel horrified and like they should take a zero off the end...which was a real win for Geneva.

We wandered all around through the whole city and the park - completely do-able in a day. We finished at jet d'eau which was one of the odder things - an old water outlet became an attraction so they amped it up and now it's one of the 'must see' things. Definitely not a must see but since Geneva is quite small you may as well haha.

All in all we enjoyed it in the city but definitely the best thing in Switzerland is the nature. Geneva is a great weekend city break and that would be the ideal time for exploring since that would get you round the main sights, plus after that the money would have run out haha (joking its not that bad).




  1. The place looks cozy :) I'm glad you enjoyed your time!


    1. Thanks for your comment :) And yes, it was really fun!



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