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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Just fondue of us

So I was wondering why I never seem to have money the other day but then I ordered this amazing fondue set and it started to click....having said that....this fondue set is amaaazzzing. So lets eat!

I've been craving this since I had fondue in Switzerland. I have never had it before and I have really been missing out. You just can't go wrong with cheese.

It's so easy to make. Just a roux, with mozzarella, cheddar and a bit of wine - that's it. I made mine in a separate pot before pouring it into the fondue bowl and I think that was actually a great idea because it got ridiculously hot very very quickly so it would be hard to cook in.

The fondue set is this one and annoyingly, it's on sale now haha.

We had ours with fresh bread, peppers, apples and wine but you could have anything. I ended up making lots of fondue so I used the leftovers for cheesy pasta. 

It's a bit of a short post today but I've got some trips coming up so see you then,



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