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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Rambling around in the lake district

I had such a nice Autumn break wandering around the Lake District so thought it would be nice to share. Since most of my readers are from countries other than the UK I'd just thought I'd quickly explain a little about the Lake District and why you definitely need to Alpaca your bags (horrendous pun will soon become clear haha).

It's a great spot if you're going to Scotland as well. I came to meet my sister who lives in Edinburgh because it was a great mid-way point for the two of us.

The lake district is an area in North England that I recommend thoroughly to anyone coming to the UK. An absolute must-see. Originally the lakes surrounded by the mountains was classed as a national park but this year it was granted UNESCO World Heritage Status - the most long overdue accolade ever. It's so beautiful and I usually visit at least once a year. This year I've been lucky enough to go twice- once in Summer for my friends wedding and again, this past weekend to see family.

It's such an amazing place to visit because there are so many places to explore and go walking.

We spent our weekend going on long walks, eating an absolute feast at Four & Twenty and drinking hot chocolates and pints. It was just perfect.

We stayed near Penrith and used this as a base for Ullswater Lake (^^^) and exploring the local sights - there are quite a lot of old castles in a relatively short area so there is quite a lot to see.

How amazing are these bear-paw gloves by the way?! I love them! They're so cosy but since they are fingerless I don't have to take them off every time I want to get a photo of something. I was bought them as a present but you can get very similar ones here.

One of the best things we went to during our weekend was on a last-minute whim - Brougham Hall. It used to be a medieval manor house that fell into disrepair but there's a lot of work being done to preserve it and you can wander through the ruins. It's so beautiful and interesting; It will be great to see it in a couple of years once its been restored. It only cost a few pounds to get in but was well worth it as it was full of artisan shops, historical titbits to see and there's even a salon if that's your type of thing haha. We drove past a very unassuming looking door in the city walls and almost didn't go in but I am so glad we did - we spent ages here and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The best bit was this door knocker that reminds me of the catbus from Totoro (the best film in the whole world). I tried knocking but he did not arrive *sad*

After having a look around we headed to Four & Twenty for dinner and drinks. It's not as expensive as it looks and is actually slightly cheaper than the posh-looking pub round the corner. Considering it's a really nice place with amazing food and most importantly (!!!) an unpretentious atmosphere I would really recommend it. Also you buy wine by the litre...so yanoo...priorities haha. I had the cheese souffle and the fish burger while my sister had pig cheeks and beef brisket. It was all incredible. I'm kicking myself for not taking any photos but if I'm honest I find taking photos in restaurants can be a bit cringe - really need to get over it.

We stayed at the Llamas Pyjama's: a llama b'n'b where we went for a little llama walk in the morning...I know, I know, it's amazing that it exists and it is so fun! After a great morning hanging out with this little chappie, it was time to head home.



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