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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Ultimate smoked salmon, avo and chimichurri ciabattas

I had this as one of the specials at my local deli but since it's not on the regular menu I can't get it again. I've recreated it a few times but this time I totally nailed it so I thought I would share it. If you like seafood, you'll love this. 

Smoked salmon, avocado, coriander and chimichurri sauce on a ciabatta. It tastes amazing. These are great to take to work because the chimichurri sauce soaks a little into the bread without making it soggy; Then by the time you eat it all the flavours have mingled. So delicious. Drop everything and go buy the ingredients to make this pronto.

To make the chimichurri sauce just blend a fistful of coriander, parsley, 1 tbsp of garlic and1 chilli with a shot of olive oil.

Chop up a spring onion and then begin assembling.

Halve an avocado, slice and layer. Follow with the chimichurri sauce, spring onions, coriander and smoked salmon. Wrap up in foil and stash for later or if you're like me, eat one right away and make another for lunch.

Let me know what you think,



  1. Oh wow this looks SO much healthier than the meal I just ate haha, thanks for the healthy recipe inspiration!!


    1. Haha this was on one of my better eating days haha. Thank you fo your comment xx

  2. oh my this looks lovely. i could have one right now.


    1. Thank you for your comment, not going to lie the sandwich was amazing. I am so greedy it is unreal and even thinking about it is making me hungry haha,



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