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Monday, 4 December 2017

Christmas gift guide

Now it's December it's definitely time to start feeling festive. I hate running around last minute for gifts in the city centre elbowing my way through swarms of people. I'm usually really organised but last year I wasn't and it was such a stressful experience and more expensive getting things last minute.

I've ordered everything on line this year so now I'm feeling more excited! So here's is my gift guide to help if you're also struggling. Just am FYI, these are affiliate links as is everything on my blog, which means if you buy something I receive a small percentage - It doesn't cost you anything extra.

Let's kick off with the best gift ever.

This amazing double-jumper that everyone and their parents/friends/partners need right now.

Isn't it amazing?! Hahaha I love it! I think it's hilarious.

Then for everyone else:

For the one who needs to relax: A personalised bath caddy because who doesn't love drinking wine in the bath?

For the animal lover: No prob-llama backpack available here...

For the art-appreciator: A beautiful chinese art-set, available here.

For the special one you have no idea what to get: You can't go wrong with Chanel No.5

For the one who loves a natural glow: Body-shop illuminating drops - I have these and they're so beautiful and subtle looking.

For the one who loves glitter: Cath Kidson multi-glitter make-up bag.
For the one who loves all things Kawaii: KawaiiKrush GHD straighteners - the absolute straighteners of dreams.

For the one who loves little luxuries in life: GlamGlow GLOWSTARTER: These products have a cult following for good reason! Such beautiful packaging as well.

For your partner...

For the smart-casual guy: A smart-casual leather Barbour bag.

For the gamer: A gameboy color (then you can 'borrow' it)

For the one that loves a tipple: Personalised the Haig Club Whisky.

Whisky stones to go with it.

For the one you travelled the world with: These super-cool world map cufflinks.

For the one who loves all things space: StarWars: The Force Awakens

For the one that loves beer: Craft Beer discovery subscription.

Image result for dior homme
For the one who likes the finer things in life: DIOR Homme Cologne

...or if non of those appeal how about some tickets; Hans Zimmer or their favourite band?

For the Traveller:

A smart leather canon lens case.

The ultimate travelist - it's heavy though so maybe one to tick off when they pop home.

Super-cool moon boots for the one spending time in the snow.

A travel-wallet for the one who needs a little help with their organisation.

A scuba-set for the one who's a bit more adventrous.

...and if you have no idea whatsoever, then get them a drink!

I hope this has given you some ideas and have a great Christmas.


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