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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The 10 rules of Hostel-etiquette

Usually the majority of backpackers in hostels are happy campers. However, there are occasions where I've found myself sharing a dorm with a nightmare roomie. I personally prefer hotels for short trips and hostels for longer trips but sometimes the budget is the deciding factor.

I thought I'd write a little survival guide for fresh backpackers to make sure you don't rub anyone up the wrong way. I would love it if the girl in my mixed dorm at the moment read this haha!

The unbreakable rules:
1) Do not take long showers when there is one cubicle, limited hot water and a queue - you'll not do yourself any favours. For me, the worst part of staying in a hostel is having to wait for the bathroom when someone is showering because some people take aggggeeesss.

2) If you are a loud snorer, or suffer from night terrors, get a private dorm. Messing with people's sleep is the sure fire way to annoy everyone. I luckily haven't shared a room with anyone who had night terrors but my friend did and he said he woke up terrified thinking someone was being attacked and tried to help them before they just causally mentioned 'oh yeah, sometimes I scream in complete terror at night' does sound really horrible and I do empathise but if you have them just get a room on your own.

3) Don't talk badly about other people's travels plans. The amount of times I've had this is unbelievable. Just don't do it. I actually had somebody do this today suggesting that if I was away for less than 3 weeks then why was I bothering...ummm...because 3 weeks is my entire leave for the year so....hello?!

4) Respect other people's space and things. You wouldn't want people to mess with your things, don't do it with theirs. There's something about the thought of having other people go through my stuff that just makes my skin crawl.

5) Accept that some of your food is going to get stolen even when it's written on. Just deal with it. Don't be the person marking notches on what you've used - it's not worth it and it will still be 'borrowed' so save yourself the aggravation.

6) Lock up your valuables. I'm serious. Every hostel I've been to has lockers - use them. Or if you've hired a car and are in a safe area put things in the glove compartment if you don't have a lock. I annoyingly had a broken lock so I ended up having to carry things round with me all the time. It was a pain, but better than losing my passport.

7) Do not leave your toothbrush in the bathroom. I really can't understand this one. I've seen it a handful of times and I'm hopeful it's an accident but come on people! Keep it with you or it is going to be used by a lot of forgetful people (shudders).

8) Take cards with you. It'll help you break the ice. Cards against humanity is great but pretty big so how about exploding kittens or just regular cards to save space?

9) Don't forget to have fun. Chances are you'll make a lot of friends and have a great time. Don't sweat the small stuff because that's exactly what it is.

10) Leave your comfort zone at the door. Be gutsy. It can be scary to walk into a room of people who have already met. Although some of them may have come travelling together, the whole group will have been strangers once. Introduce yourself. Smile. Be talkative. It can be difficult sometimes to force yourself to interact with people and it can be a little awkward at first but once you've done it you'll think, 'why was I worried about that?'

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