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Saturday, 16 December 2017

The Bushwick Collective

I'm so close to my next US trip and was flicking through pictures from my trip this year to NYC when I realised I'd forgotten to share one of the best things about my trip; A tour of the amazing street-art in Bushwick. I took the walking tour with unplugged tours but I think it would be better to just go yourself and walk around. Our tour guide was allergic to laughing and overly-serious so I didn't love that but he was very knowledgeable at least. Since I'd gone alone it was nice to be with other people for a bit of my trip!

This is really just photos but I've got some proper posts coming soon. I am just feeling a bit under the weather so can't face writing a big one right now (perhaps too much mulled wine? hic hic)


One of my favourites - so beautiful!

Very like Bansky don't you think...but apparently this guy was doing it first #drama

My favourite - I can't believe how realistic this is!

Trump or a potato?


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