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Monday, 18 December 2017

Whats in my bag: Long-haul essentials

As a naturally nosy person I love reading these what's in your bag posts...and since I'm packing mine for my flight to San Francisco I thought I would show you what I've got.

I think long-haul travelling in economy can be quite nice so long as you are prepped. I don't bother wearing make up to the airport but I like to take some with me to put on when I land and I also take out my contacts as soon as I'm on the plane because otherwise the air conditioning makes my eyes feel so uncomfortable.

I've got:

Super-comfy polar bear travel pillow. I picked mine up from TK Maxx.

This beautiful travel organiser with sections for tickets, currency and your passport

Dry-shampoo from LUSH. I love the batiste one as well but this last for ages, plus it's aeroplane-friendly. I put mine in a smaller bottle since you only need the tiniest amount.

A watch for better timekeeping and so you don't have to keep looking at the boards every 5-minutes. Similar one available here. My friend gave me the tip of changing your watch to the time of where you are going as soon as you get to the airport to encourage you to eat and sleep at the local time and it is the best advice ever for helping reduce jet lag.

The passport! And EHIC card (and insurance)

Contact Lenses - I wear Acuvue moist and they are hands down worth the extra money because they stop my eyes from getting irritated. I also love the Oasys ones which are also really refreshing compared to regular soft lenses. I take them off for the plane but I like to have some for when I land.

NYX Concealer - I have the green one which when you initially look at it seems alarming but it is so great at getting rid of the inevitable purple eye circles because it neutralises them. I love the consistency and it stays all day so I'd really recommend it. I just press some light powder on top and then I'm set to go. I also love Dermablend concealer sticks which are expensive (£17 each) but cover everything - They are actually for people with acne which I don't have but they are great for covering the eye bags.

Benefit Posie-tint (in minature since the full size one lasts me genuinely over a year of daily use)

Benefit they're real double the lip lipstick & liner 2 in 1. I have this in 'flame game' and although I wouldn't normally be quite so put together on landing I am meeting my best-friend when I land and will probably be going out somewhere very shortly after haha so at least this will stand me in good stead.

Scarf (since it gets so freezing on the plane!)

Anti bacterial gel - an absolute essential. I worry about getting ill since airports are full of hundreds of thousands of people every day. Pick it up for less than £1. I find after properly long flights I can feel really run down, especially if I've gone somewhere on my own because I'm usually bit worried and I think having a bit of underlying stress just makes me sick.

Travel adaptor cable. This one works all across the world but definitely buy yours in advance because it is always a silly price at the airport.

Earphones - these one's are great for drowning out noise in case of a snorer or upset baby in close proximity! 

I have audio-technica one's and they're so nice but my ones are no longer in stock - these are the most similar ones I could find but they are pricier; I don't think it really matters so long as they are noise cancelling.

Tablet (and I pre-download lots of Netflix episodes to make the time go faster). I've had mine for years now and it is such a good travel companion. I've got Doctor Foster and Harry Potter for the plane.

Kindle. I have a paperwhite and it is great because it has a backlight that wont disturb others but means you can still read easily when the cabin lights are off. I got one of my favourite photos from travelling on there but you can get a similar kindle cover here with your own photo on. If you're after something new to read Phillip Pullman's just got a new one out - looking forward to reading it.

Card holder, mine isn't in stock anymore but I've got my eyes on this unicorn one.

Fluffy bed-socks to keep your feet warm when the freezing air is circulated around.

Fit-flops; I always wear these travelling because they are unbelievable comfy and perfect for spending hours wandering around airports searching for gates/food. Annoyingly these have reduced a lot since I got them!!!

p.s. My bag is from H&M. 

The first thing I do when I get through security is buy the biggest bottle of water, grab some food and a coffee and people-watch until my flight is ready. I've seen some people take empty water bottles through which is a really good idea I just can never remember; if you're one of those people then this is definitely the best water bottle in the world.

If my flight has a lot of stops then I take pj's and underwear in case they lose my bag but if it's just one then I tend not to bother.

What are your essentials?


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