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Sunday, 14 January 2018

2018 Travel Plans

And so it's that time of year again! Another year has come and with it some more holiday leave. I've got some trips booked but a couple of weeks of leave left-over so I'm just going to wait and see what I fancy later on. Last year I used up most of my leave at the start of the year and was more time limited at the end which isn't something I would like to repeat. I remember speaking to someone in October who was going to Mexico for two weeks and feeling major regret I was having to wait until Christmas break trip haha. Never again!

I'm also thinking of changing job this year, not because I don't enjoy mine (I do), I just want to have the option to move and work abroad, which isn't something I can do in my current role. I think time between jobs and courses is one of the best ways to get big trips in so I will try to at least have a couple of weeks break.

Anyway back to something I have always loved: Travel-Plans. Coming up I have:

Kauai, Hawaii
This was taken just after my christmas trip but I haven't got round to writing about it yet. I went on my own and can't wait to show you Hawaii's 'garden isle'. Tropical temperatures, lush rainforests and epic scenery.

Sydney, Australia

+ propbably a trip to Vanatu
I'm going here to visit some friends living in Bondi which I'm massively looking forward to. I've heard it's cheap to fly within Australia and from Australia to the islands so I'm planning to surprise my partner with a mini-break to either Fiji or Vanatu. I've wanted to go here for years and I'm so glad that this year it will finally happen.

I haven't booked the flights yet but I'm planning to go here with my best friend. We had thought about visiting in cherry blossom season but it's a bit too close to my Sydney trip and I don't want to be a difficult employee by taking too much time off together or end up with not many days left. We are planning to maybe go in November and see the snow-monkeys, but we are definitely going to visit Osaka and Tokyo so we can visit some temples, go to the spas and most importantly - visit Studio Ghibli.

My friend is moving here later this year with her husband so I will definitely be going for a long weekend to visit. The only good thing about having friends who live away is getting to go visit them and see a new place in the process. I think we will go to Krakow and Warsaw. Poland is another place thats been on my list for as long as I can remember.


I'm planning a 4 day-ish trip here with a short train-ride to Slovakia to visit a few friends. Sadly I don't know anyone in Austria so can't get away with free accommodation there haha. I'm thinking Salzberg because even though I've heard lovely things about Vienna people have said Salzberg is better for a shorter city break.

That's where my solid plans end and I don't know for sure where else I will visit this year. I would love to have a trip to Mexico or Costa Rica in there somewhere, so I will have to see. I guess it depends on what happens next for me job wise because if I build in a break I will have a little more time to go away, fingers are crossed!

What are your plans this year?


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