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Friday, 5 January 2018

A Californian Christmas: San Francisco

A post about a great last minute Christmas trip to see my bestie. I decided to soon before Christmas that I only had the chance to tell my family before I was off.

 I don't have that many photos because I was helping her move house initially but I have a few to show you from the day. I know some people hate these what I got for Christmas posts so if that's you then you might not want to read the end.

On Christmas day we headed in to San Francisco and spent the day sightseeing and drinking. First stop was of course, the golden gate bridge! Best tip for this is not to go to the official view points because they are always stupidly busy. Instead drive to Fort Baker Fishing Pier. It's usually empty but on this day one of the vista points was closed so there were a few more people than normal. Still we were able to park easily and get some great views of the city skyline and bridge without having to get through crowds of people. Definitely one of the perks of going with a local!

This was taken in summer when we were absolutely boiling in our light clothes...compared to this wintry scene!

Matching scarves and everything.

After enjoying the view we decided to get some food. Well things did not turn out how we had planned at all....haha....we ended up finding this bar called La Rocca's corner. We decided to have a pint, because Christmas, but ended up staying for the whole day because it was just so fun. We met a great Australian couple, a few guys from the area and the barman was such a laugh. The Australians bought whisky shots for the whole bar to celebrate Christmas and afterwards we got to pour our own pints from behind the bar.

We had such a good time. I know the barman doesn't look that happy in this top photo haha but he was having a laugh because he was drinking as well... I don't think anyone was even remotely sober that day and our drinks kept getting cheaper as the day went on haha.

When the bar closed we had to leave and decided again to try find food. Being Christmas day the choice was limited but we found a greek restaurant close by and we ordered everything: falafel, hummus, olives, chips, chicken gyros, feta etc etc etc. We were so ravenous it naturally tasted absolutely fantastic although it did look like properly greasy non-instagramable food so I have nothing to show you guys.

Then we headed home for presents...

Unrelated but I need to show you this - My friend's family had the cutest baubles:

Aren't they amazing? I love them!


Okay so now on to presents. I totally get that some people hate these types of posts but I personally enjoy them so if it's not for you then stop here.

First thing first, I bought these as a gift for my niece. How cute! Little crocodile, fish and mermaid socks.

I had also bought Harry Potter things for my my friends family because they are teenagers, love Harry Potter and they don't have Primark over there. It was great because it meant I wasn't bankrupting myself but it was fun to have something to give them on Christmas since kids are definitely much more excited than the adults.

I received some lovely things so let me show you:

A great inspirational nightie about Happy-Hour haha...avocado socks (a present from me to me), reese's, an amazon gift card, chocolates, a beautiful bracelet, japanese tea-cup (as this year I am going to Japan!!!), t-shirt and this super cute hat. 

The hat is from Target but perfectly matches my scarf one from the Nordstrom sale:

I also bought myself these small my neighbour totoro gifts; a teddy, a bento box and these adorable mini-cards.

I love my neighbour totoro so I couldn't resist. I can't wait to go to Japan and hopefully visit Studio Ghibli.

A thing I didn't receive but saw and absolutely fell in love with are these cute plant pots. How nice are these? They are just so funny, I can't stop laughing at the tongue hahaha. I found some in the US for 35 dollars but I also found them online for £9.50 here.

I can't wait to show you my next day in San Francisco exploring my favourite place, Haight & Ashbury,



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