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Monday, 22 January 2018


Birthday celebrations! It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago but I thought I would share what I got up to.

I had an especially hard day at work in the week so I celebrated properly at the weekend but on the day I came home to find these beautiful lillies from my boyfriend. I was in shock haha. He is not the flower-giver type so I was really pleased. Just goes to show girls, you can wear people down with enough time hahaha (I'm joking....I'm half-joking).

I also got these roses...for myself haha, they were £3 so I thought I would treat myself...like I said, I really wasn't expecting to be bought flowers so I bought them myself and then ended up with 2 lots haha.

The pink one I made for family I was having over. I had a separate shop-bought cake for a party I was having in the evening but a nicer one in the day. It's always fun to make one isn't it - I don't love the baking bit that much but I love decorating. The bird of paradise cake was really easy. Just a pink buttercream cake with coloured white-chocolate shards in. The birds head I made free-handed by drizzling chocolate on to baking paper but it was easy. It's weirdly therapeutic to bake, but only if it goes well haha.

For the 'feather's I just dolloped coloured chocolate on to baking paper and spread with a tea spoon. I've seen some people do proper brush strokes with theirs but I don't think the end product looked that different. I just made mine different colours and put some edible sparkly glitter on.

I thought it looked nice anyway!

In the day I went out with my family to a popular bbq restaurant near by. I didn't take any photos which I mildly regret but tbh the food did not look anywhere near as good as it tasted anyway.

I recieved some lovely gifts - a necklace, flowers, the NAKED3 pallet and one of those virgin experience days to fly a plane. I can't wait because I love trying new things and I think it will be quite exciting. I'm basically the most nervous adrenaline junkie ever...I do all the 'scary' things like bungee jumping, skydiving, wingwalking etc. and always love them but just before I'm in complete panic waking up in the middle of night in a cold-sweat thinking 'why am i doing this' haha.

Anyway -back to the gifts. The pallet was perfect timing because I really wanted to do some nice eye make up for the evening and I've never had one before but heard really good things.

So pretty isn't it?! I did a smoky eye with dust on the inner corners, limit on the lid and liar and darkside on the edges. It stayed looking nice all evening which is sadly, far more than I can say than about my hair. 


Check out this amazing beer dispensing keg. It's so cool isn't it! I was given it for Christmas but you can buy them here and I would definitely recommend them. It was so fun to have people be able to pour their own drinks plus meant I did less hosting so it was much easier. I'm sure this is probably clear by now but I'm not the type of person to commit to Dry January haha.

We drank at mine before heading out for shots and cocktails at my favourite bar.

Today I'm feeling a little worse for wear. Luckily I've been invited somewhere for dinner - I can't wait to eat this hangover away haha. 


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