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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Californian road trip: Grand Canyon and route 66

My best friend lives just outside San Francisco. We met at University where we just instantly clicked. Later a room became free in my halls and she moved in - it was one of the best years of my life (so far) because my best friend genuinely lived 1 door down. After University she moved back to the US and I was so devastated but of course, there was one tiny perk - getting to visit. 
Last year I met her at Mardi Gras but before that I went out to visit. I saw her again over Christmas but the last time we met we did a massive road trip so I thought I would share it with you before I start on the xmas posts. We spent time in San Francisco, the Californian hills, then drove through Utah and Arizona to Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

We spent a few days wandering round San Francisco by Pier 39, Haight & Ashbury and of course, the golden gate bridge. We also went wine tasting in Ghirardelli Square but I'd rather not share the after photos because I was quite tipsy haha.

^^ This snap is from one of mid-way points in Williams, Arizona. A properly stereotypical old american town. I wouldn't want to offend anyone by saying it's stuck in the 1900's...so I just wont say anything haha. On the plus side, it had a lot of shops selling proper cowboy boots and beautiful leather goods so if that's your thing then definitely visit. Anyway it was fun to see and a great place to stop-off for a rest on the way - we went to Motel 6 because that was the cheapest place en route and it was basic but fine. The wifi only worked if you sat outside the room which was a bit annoying for me contacting people at home at weird o'clock but other than that it was good.

On the way we passed the hoover dam. I've wanted to visit this for years because as a kid my sister had a picture of it on her keyring and I always wanted to see it. I hadn't thought we would get the chance so I was really excited when we passed it. Unfortunately it was unbelievably hot...and I am one of those lizard like people who love to sit out in the sun and have the heating on full-whack at home....but even I could only manage about 20 minutes looking at it before we had to go inside! Still, it was fantastic and definitely worth having a look at, especially if you are passing by.

Then we finally arrived at the Grand Canyon. It is so incredible and not over-hyped at all. I loved it and the photos really don't do it justice. Definitely a must see.

So many layers! It's a shame really because I didn't have my proper camera with me, only my samsung and I personally don't think the s7 takes good photographs so I had to edit them all just to make them look a bit more true to life.

After enjoying the view at the Grand Canyon we headed to Las Vegas. Again we stayed in a motel because the prices there are just stupid. It's like the prices in Scandinavia where you just think....'wait...what?' We did have such a good time though. My favourite place was the Coyote Ugly bar which I'd really recommend because they get everyone dancing on the tables. We had so much fun! Especially because as young girls we both loved the movie. 

I didn't think I'd enjoy Vegas that much because I prefer places with natural sights or historical monuments rather than things just created for the hell of it...but I actually had so much fun. Vegas is completely OTT and tacky but it is fun. I loved being able to walk about and cool down with cocktail slushies down the street. All too soon it was time to leave and head back to California.

I can't wait to show you more about my trip over for Christmas!


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