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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Emergency hot toddies

I am so ill right now and these are helping.

If you're feeling a bit under the weather then you need one of these. It's perfect for a heavy cold just to provide a bit of relief. I washed mine down after a super-hot curry and it was nice just to be able to breathe out of my nostrils for a few glorious minutes haha.

Hot toddies are super easy to make but since most of my readers (hiya) are in the US and Asia I thought they might not have heard of them...and are therefore massively missing out haha. Essentially it's a hot tea with whisky but I like to dress mine up abit. I don't actually like whisky on its own at all, to be totally honest I think it is a horrible drink. Once I went to a whisky tasting *well - twice actually so clearly I don't learn* but I remember it as a full on endurance experience of trying not to let my disgust show in front of other people haha. I had to turn around to hide my grimance at one point because it was just so horrid and I felt like at that moment I could really empathise with the people who have done bush-tucker trials haha. I remember trying a peat-y whisky and the memory of how vile it was has stayed with me, it just tasted like someone had put out their cigarette in a regular one. So horrendous.

Okay so after that detour my point is: Whisky on its own = disgusting. Whisky in a hot toddy = Super tasty. So if you are also not a whisky lover then you should still try these because they are just so delicious and easy to drink. They're a great end of the night drink and one for if you're struggling to sleep or you feel a bit ill. Obviously don't mix alcohol with medication.

If you want to make them they are so easy.

All you need is:
Whisky (a shot) [and any will do - I went for the cheapest I could find because they're all gross so why pay more? haha]
Half a lemon
1 tbsp of honey

Slice off some lemon and squeeze the rest in a mug. Add the whisky and honey and mix. Then add in your tea bag, hot water, let it brew and top with a lemon slice. Get rid of the tea bag, mix it all together and you're done.

I like to go a bit further with mine and I put in half an orange (again a couple of slice in the drink and the rest as juice), extra honey, extra whisky and a cinnamon stick. I think it just makes that bit sweeter so I personally prefer it like that even though it's not the 'traditional' way. I don't even always use a tea bag because it's just so nice on its own. It's like a grown up honey and lemon drink and I love them!

Liquid gold <3

Then just curl up, enjoy and watch a nice film until you feel a bit better again. I personally don't like to take paracetamol or aspirins if I can avoid it so I'm fine to have a wee dram of whisky *hic* but obviously don't have these if your on any medication etc. and only have one or two toddies max (or you will get pissed and remember - you're only borrowing tomorrows fun)!

I watched moana with mine - such a great film. 

I hope you feel better soon,


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