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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Haight & Ashbury, San Francisco

My favourite place in San Francisco is Haight and Ashbury. It's a really eclectic area full of weird and wonderful shops, bars and people all crammed together. You can walk out of a shop selling cutesy san francisco themed gifts and walk next door into one full of carved skulls and antique jewellery.  Where else could you go get brunch, buy vintage clothes and if you fancy it, get your palm read at the same time? It's just got so many different things going on and a really nice hippy-ish vibe; Exactly how I imagined San Francisco would be before I came here.

We started our day with fuel at Sparrow bar and kitchen:

Mimosas, huevos rancheros, parmesan fries and a breakfast sandwich.

The huevos rancheros were delicious and definitely my favourite; nachos, scrambled eggs, salsa verde, lacopi gigante beans, house hot sauce, red pepper crema and corn salsa. 

The breakfast sandwich was great too with 2 eggs (sunny side up), siracha creme fraiche, bacon, potato and corinader. 

We split both plates with the fries and felt so full after but it was perfect preparation for shopping.

One of my favourite places is the sock shop with every pattern you can possibly imagine - mermaid scales, dogs (of any species), alpacas, crocodiles gnawing on your legs and my favourite - avocado socks haha. I bought these cuties for my niece, aren't they adorable?

The shops here sell everything you can think of from stationary to vintage clothes to everything in between. Even the streets themselves are decorated.

It reminded me a little of camden market, especially this shop with the legs hanging out the window haha.

We also loved this bookshop that had the funniest things in there from trinkets to books on how to cope with cats to this fantastic comic...

That's all for now from my US trip. Have you caught up on my Christmas day trip to San Fran? Lots to come soon from my upcoming trip to Kauai, the tiny Hawaiian island.


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