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Thursday, 1 February 2018

London calling

I'm just back from a weekend with my bestie. Sorry for not posting sooner, I've been a bit ill...but I am on the way to getting better now anyway. 

So, first thing's first. We needed some fuel and where better to start than the fabulous Breakfast Club?

I had the Elvis Waffles (cream, chocolate, peanut butter, bananas, waffles...yanoo, the healthy choice, while bae [my bff] went for a classic breakfast with pancakes).

We luckily didn't have to wait that long to get in, which I was super thankful for because as you can see in the above was raining. We ended up getting chai lattes in the queue which made it go so quickly. I can't get over having to queue for food places in London, it just seems completely bizarre!

Anyway we both had a fab time drying off and filling up. I thought the staff might be pretentious because it's kind of one of those hype places to go but actually they were so friendly and I really enjoyed myself, definitely not typical Londoners! 

Next stop was...of course, shopping. We headed to Camden. It reminded me so much of my recent trip to Haight & Ashbury with all the art on the shop fronts. 

As you can see ^^ the weather was not behaving while we were there. Luckily much of Camden is covered since a lot of the stalls are in old stables so we managed to stay dry the entire time. 

Loved the lamps but, my gosh, they were so expensive I actually don't know how they sell any...I thought these Satchels were great though. They were around the £100 mark but I think for real leather it's worth it. You could watch them getting made as well which I thought was great. I was so close to getting one but then I had to buy new boots instead and didn't fancy lugging everything back on the train so I left it. If your in the market for a new satchel these looked great, but if you prefer the smarter looking satchels then this is my favourite company for those...I have three haha. Satchels are expensive but they just last for so long that it's more than worth it, plus there's a sale on, if you need extra convincing haha.

I forgot how much I love Camden and London. I definitely think for short breaks, you just can't go wrong.

Next stop on our trip was a visit to the Natural History Museum.

I love the British History Museum so I usually only go there, but I would have been really missing out because the natural history museum was so interesting...and absolutely gigantic. We spent about an hour and a half in there but could have easily been there for the day haha. I could not believe how many artefacts were in there...also my friend works there so we got to skip the gigantic queue to go in and that made me feel about 3546 times happier about the whole thing. So my tip would be that if you go here, to go in early to avoid the queue because it was unbelievably long...

...although absolutely worth it. The best bit is walking into this hall. It must be really hard putting skeletons up mustn't it...I think it must be like a complicated piece of furniture from IKEA that makes you feel really stressed and you're not sure if you've got the right bits in the right places haha. Imagine doing it, and getting it wrong haha.

We had a wander round my friends recommended 'best bits' so a trip to see the Dinosaurs was in order. I loved that they have put them hanging from the ceiling, it's so fun when you're walking around.

'Oh, hey there'

From the Stegosaurus... the giant sloth....

...and then to safari...

We had a brilliant time, I really can't recommend it enough.

I also bought this ring as well which I am so in love with...isn't it amazing?! If you want your own then you can buy them here.

This is where the photos end sadly because I had a few drinks in the evening and forgot to get photos...I suppose I will just have to go and do it all again haha,


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