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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Spa break weekend

I've always been one of people who burn the candles at both ends and it takes a toll physically as well as mentally. I've also been pretty stressed lately because I'm planning to leave my job and also not taking a minute to slow down and concentrate on myself. I've been having some serious sleeping problems and generally just feeling a bit rubbish.

I tend to do everything at once, all the time and it is usually really fun until suddenly I'm at saturation point, become a bit frazzled and just want to sit and watch Netflix all night. (Have you seen Altered Carbon btw, it's worth all the hype and more).

On top of that a few of my friends have broken up with their partners and I've not spent that much time with mine recently...so I was so happy when I got a notification from hotels.com saying I had to use my reward nights in the next week or I'd lose what I had accumulated...because it forced me to book something. Plus I also had a voucher that needed using so it was perfect timing. I ended up going for Thorpe Park Hotel and Spa because I'd heard really good things about it and I wanted a place where the spa area was open on a weeknight so I could literally commute from the office straight to a large glass of wine and a jacuzzi. The Dream. 

We arrived on Friday night to this beautiful room...

...before abandoning it for some drinks and the pool.

We both thought it would be a five star if it was in a different place - it's just off the motorway so the outside of the building doesn't have much character. The inside though is stunning so I feel a bit bad for them that they only got 4 stars because it's lovely. My partner and I love sleep more than anything so we really splurged on our bed at home and usually hotel beds just are the same or not quite as good - but I loved the bed there, it was so soft and really nice to climb into. The amenities were great as well with little touches like real milk in the mini fridge instead of those tiny pots that hotels never give you enough of.

The only niggle for me is that you have to pay for parking in the week - I suppose this is because of its location they must get a lot of office workers trying to get in but I don't think it's right to charge for parking when the hotel is in a location you would probably drive to. We didn't have to pay because it was the weekend but yanoo, it's something I would want to know about before I got there.

Anyway I would definitely recommend it for a trip, if you have any other spa break recommendations I would love to hear them. I'm personally a big fan of Hazlewood castle and Titanic Spa.


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