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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Valentines day

I am feeling Valentines day this year. I think it's just part of going out with someone super un-romantic, it's making me go massively overboard haha.

I'm away for Valentines day so I made some treats in advance and they were so easy, I thought I would share what I did in case any of you needed some last minute ideas.

The cookies are just basic sugar cookies and I made the icing super-runny to get an ombre-effect. The glitter sugar made them look so pretty too.

I also made some chocolate covered strawberries because they're just so easy to make, take about 5 minutes and look like you've really made an effort. Plus you can put your favourite chocolate on it so galaxy, dairy milk, hershey etc.

The best thing I got though was this amazing edible drink glitter (it's tasteless but makes drinks look amaazzziinnnggg). There's loads of colours as well, I bloody love it!

I hope this gave you some ideas, but really it's the thought that counts anyway so just make sure to get a card...or check out my Valentines gift guide if you want to splash out a little,



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