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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Exploring Kauai by helicopter

It was a fabulous hair day...

I ended up booking a helicopter tour for 2 reaons:

a) because barely any of Kauai is accessible by road and foot (only 30%) and I wanted to see a bit more of it

b) I was staying in the hostel during rainy reason and the roof was leaking really badly. I woke up to find the bottom of my bed in the corner was getting damp and loads of people had moved out of their beds into the communal area because they were soaked. I went to the bathroom in the night and there was just people everywhere it was ridiculous haha. I didn't want to give up my bed and I ended up getting a rash from the roof water - how grim is that! I tried to get a hotel but last minute the hotels available were $1000 a night (USD) and there's no way I could afford that. I decided if I could stick it out in the hostel I would splurge on a helicopter trip. I was really glad when it was time to have my reward!

There was something so fun about exploring the Island from the air as a change. I had tried to get on a door-less helicopter tour but they were fully booked and I was really glad I hadn't when it started to rain right at the end haha.

These are the Taro fields ^^ that are so famous in Hawaii.

Beautiful golden beaches. Hawaii was voted to have the best beaches in the world and it's easy to see why - I was surprised they weren't that busy when I was there because everything was so beautiful.

Because Kauai is relatively small for an island we got to see everything - from the coast, to the Canyon...

...to waterfalls you can't get to on foot. Do you remember the waterfall from Jurassic Park? Nope, me neither but I am going to do my homework when i get back home because this was in it and my gosh, they would not stop banging on about it on the tour haha and kept playing the music. That quote from mean girls kept coming in my head 'Stop trying to make fetch happen' haha but seriously it was pretty cute.

I love the scenery. Kauai is a volcano so all the vegetation is properly lush and looks amazing. I personally haven't seen anywhere like it before so I really enjoyed experiencing something so different.

It was a really relaxing tour because I felt really safe and had a lot of fun. I was luckily with a nice group and because I was on my own, I got the window seat (woop).

Time for some photo spam...

So, when are you planning your trip to Hawaii? 



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  1. Wow beautiful!
    And these sites you could only ever see from helicopter! Amazing


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