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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Fern grotto, Kauai

One of my favourite things was exploring the lush tropical wilderness at the Fern Grotto; It was one of the best things I did. Let me show you around.

The fern grotto is only accessible by boat. I took a kayak tour which was at first, incredibly awkward and led by a really unfriendly guide but he seemed to warm up at the end so I ended up having a good time. I would recommend doing a smaller tour because when we got to the grotto we were the only people there. Our guide took us to some rock pools close by while we waited for a massive tour boat to leave so we could explore it with less people...so it was definitely worth it and also inexpensive (for Hawaii).

The grotto is definitely a place I would recommend for an afternoon. It's a conservation area and you can properly tell that access to this place is limited because it looks like stepping back in time. It looks like what I imagine 'wild' is, and it's just so beautiful.

Such a nice place! I don't have any photographs of myself there unfortunately because I ended up looking like a greasy thumb on the one the guide took, Anyone else not loving getting photos from strangers? I always say 'great, thanks so much' but inside I'm thinking 'wow how did you catch my hunchback and double chin at the same time?' Haha. So here's an inoffensive one of me paddling away.

So this ^^ is one of the traditional style boats - I'm a bit mad at myself for not getting a picture of the whole thing but can I just say in my defence that it was properly LONG and I would struggle to get it on the insta haha.

It was properly peaceful to boat about on all this clear water in the sun. Just so relaxing. Makes all those stressful days at work worth it when you know you can really enjoy yourself when your away. I felt like my trip was quite budget when I was there because I could only afford to stay in the hostel so it was nice to get some fun activities in.

Back on dry land I had a look round the Hawaiian village. It's got a bit of meh rating on trip advisor and definitely needs a bit of love but I did enjoy it, I think you should only go here if you're close by or you particularly enjoy seeing cultural villages. It's not somewhere to go to out of your way, but having said that, I did like it...and of course, like everywhere in Hawaii the scenery was great.

Helpfully I can't remember the name of anything...great that isn't it haha, how I can remember random facts from school a decade ago but not what I saw in the afternoon.

Tropical white house...

All the buildings have been made painstakingly, I can't even imagine how long it would take to make these from scratch these days. I can't even be bothered to make dessert so the willpower is amazing.

There was information in each of them describing what they were for such as the Hula House, the warriors house etc.

I also loved seeing these bananas - I know that probably sounds quite pathetic but I've never seen them growing up close before so I got a bit excited. When I was a kid in primary school the first bit of work I remember doing was about bananas. I'm like one of those minions from despicable me haha.

Catch you soon,


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