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Saturday, 3 March 2018

The cutest Easter-Bunny cupcakes

How cute are these:

Adorable fluffy bunnies with white chocolate ears <3

Or, if cupcakes aren't your thing then how about these uber-sweet banana, nutella baby bunny pancakes?

For the cupcakes, they were so easy - if you want to recreate them just follow these simple steps :) 

First up assemble all the ingredients:
A basic cupcake, 
White frosting, 
Chocolate chips (I chose dark because it's my favourite type of chocolate but you can use any), 
Pink sprinkles, 
Desiccated coconut, 
Pink food colouring, and,
2 bars of white chocolate...

Spoon on a bit dollop of frosting onto the cupcakes, and dip it into the desiccated coconut:

Do this with all of the cakes, making sure to leave about 1tbsp of icing leftover.

Then melt the two bars of chocolate in the microwave and spread it smoothly onto a baking tray. Put it into the fridge for a few minutes at a time until its set enough to carve into. Then create your ears- make sure you have one extra pair - just in case!

Once the chocolate is set, carefully break the ears off (be very slow so they don't crack to pieces).

Then create some pink fur for the ears by adding a few drops of food colouring to the desiccated coconut:

Add a few drops of colouring to the left over icing and use this to create an ear - then cover it in either the coconut or pink sprinkles to create the ear. Start about 2cm from the bottom of the ear so you can put them into the cupcake.

Don't worry about being too neat with your sprinkles - so long as you apply the icing carefully the excess will easily brush off.

All that's left to do is put two chocolate chips on for the eyes and there ya go - you've made the cutest cakes ever! I hope you like them as much as me, I can't get over how cute they are,


p.s. I'm on pintrest too...


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