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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Best things I've bought this year

I'm currently writing this crammed on the worlds longest train to's a bit of a pain to be away from my home-office and blogging but I guess it's a good way to pass the time... I've got netflix downloading Altered Carbon as we speak for me to procrastinate with later haha.

I thought I'd do a post about the best things I've bought this year - one of which is this absolutely amazing bleutooth keyboard that's making it possible to blog on the go just using my tablet - I loved having it in Hawaii.

This super cute travel wallet by Alice Scott with all the compartments the perfect size.

I'm actually in love with this because it looks so pretty but is properly useful - I think travel wallets can be so hit and miss in terms of they can look great but be absolutely terrible for fitting tickets in. Case in point, my last wallet - the most instgrammable gal ever- would bend my plane tickets. I panic that if that little tab gets taken off early I wont be let on the plane. Anyone else have silly little fears like that they stress out about when they travel?

Fit isn't it? I've not used it yet but I can't wait to.

The next best thing is this keg. It is so fun to have at parties plus means you don't have to pour drinks for anyone so I absolutely love it. I love having parties but getting people drinks is the most dull thing so I like that people can be excited about pouring their own now. Everyone loved this at my party and I think it's so cool. Can't wait til ALDI start doing knock off refills hahah. If it's a bit out of budget (but so worth it honestly) then what about this watermelon keg - I think this would also be pretty cool!

***OMG yay the arm-rest hogger next to me who kept looking disapprovingly while I was eating my crisps has just got off at this stop  - wahooo***

The amazon Fire stick (uk). I'm probably the last person on earth that got this but honestly it's so great. We dont't have a TV in the traditional sense - we just have a screen and used to connect everything with HDMI but now we can watch Netflix on it straight away. For me, there's nothing I hate more than being on my own in the house in silence so I love having something on just in the background. I've started using the living room all the time now instead of just being sat in the office tapping away.


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