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Sunday, 29 July 2018

How I stay in shape - aerial class

Considering this blog is basically me travelling and eating delicious (but mainly unhealthy things)...I thought I should probably do a post on how I stay healthy, active and happy. I'm a firm believer in diet and exercise having a positive effect on general well-being and although I love eating rich foods I don't eat them very often or in large quantities, the rest of the time I eat balanced meals, lots of fruits, vegetables etc. and exercise regularly. I find that if I don't exercise I become stressed, lethargic and unhappy...so I try to exercise quite a lot to combat that.

I think in winter it's a little harder to eat healthily and keep exercising because staying in and eating pasta is just so attractive but it's one of those necessary evils. For the past few months I've been getting really into aerial classes so I've been learning aerial hoop, silks and I recently tried (and loved) contortion. I also really enjoy yoga, although I don't do that quite as often because aerial classes are much more fun and quite stretchy anyway. 

(My top is from ebay btw and it was about £3.50 or something silly like that!)

Aerial classes are a great way to stay in shape, I noticed changes in terms of my strength and stamina within a couple of weeks which was pretty motivational. These photos will be good to keep track of my progress over the months because even now (a few weeks on) I do the moves differently.

I hope the things I learnt in contortion class will help me too since I want to work on my flexibility overall. I'd love to be a bendy person but I have about as much flexibility as a plank of wood so yanoo it's a work in progress haha.

What things to do you do to keep fit? If you have any recommendations for fun classes I'd love to hear them (so long as it''s not things like SoulCycle ...cycling with lights is still cycling and I hate it haha)



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