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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Skincare for people that can't be bothered

I usually can't really be bothered with skincare. I just don't think it's really that effective and for the price I just can't see the point. I think ultimately there's not much you can do about wrinkles unless you are willing to have something done. Sunscreen is the exception.

So if I find something good that's cheap then I'm happy to give it a go.

I loved the book Pretty Honest by Sally Hughes. For my US and S.Asia readers (hi) Sally Hughes is a beauty editor here in the UK. Her book debunks all the myths around skincare and gets down to what doesn't work, what might work for some people and what's worth the price tag. I ended up trying out The Ordinary products because they're cheap and lets be honest, so am I. If it isn't flights then I just don't want to pay much. These products were about a fiver and I got a selection of 3 things I'd heard good news about.

First up the spot-zapper: Niacinamide 10% zinc 1%
Blemish formula
This did the job. 

I thought this was really good. I had one of those under skin spots coming up and it almost got rid of it. I tend to have pretty clear skin and only really get the odd under skin spot so I don't know if this would work on other types. 

The moisturiser: Hyaluronic acid 2% + B5
I really like this and so far have just used it under my eyes. It feels really nice but is a bit shiny so I don't think I would personally wear it in the day under make up. At night though it feels lovely. I thought it was a bit cooling because it stays on the surface of yours skin for a while so I will definitely take it with me on holidays.

Most importantly though - it definitely does what it's supposed to. Hyaluronic acid is so effective because water molecules literally stick to it. It feels lovely. I put it on as an overnight mask as it flakes off as it dries so you would not want it on under make up.

Finally the High-Spreadability fluid primer. 

I really like that it keeps make up on for longer and I did think it worked but I personally didn't like the feeling of it no matter how hard I tried. I think I will keep using it but I don't think I would repurchase. Ultimately for me the best primer is the MAC one but because it's so pricey I'm still searching for a cheaper alternative; Sadly I don't think this is it. I think maybe if you had dry skin it would feel nicer but as I have quite greasy skin I just felt like I was covering myself in vaseline so I felt a bit gross haha. I do think it does it's job but I just don't think I like the feel of it enough to persevere.

What are your must have products? I would love to hear 


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