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Monday, 7 May 2018

Exam revision tips

So I'm doing some exams now and I am feeling like this...

I feel like all I do at the moment is study, go to work, come home and study again. I have a bit of time off but not much which is unfortunate but is the price I need to pay to pass. Last weekend I hit a bit of a wall. I burned out and I found myself waking up with no motivation, feeling absolutely exhausted, not being able to concentrate and just not feeling like revision would help me.

Burnout before exams is the worst place to be because it really interferes with your revision and ruins your self-confidence at the most terrible time. It took me some time to get back on track and I figured there might be other people in the same position too.

If this is you this is what I did:

1) Accept the day as gone. Don't treat it as procrastination and think 'I will revise later'. Your body needs a break.

2) Do something positive with the time to help yourself relax whether that be a netflix binge (the Rain is really good btw), baking, going for a walk or spending some time with friends and family.

3) Exercise. Go to the gym and hammer a work out. This will honestly help so much. I find that if I'm really stressed then exercise can make me feel like a whole new person. It helps with sleep as well so it's an all-round winner. I know it takes probably 1 hr 30 minutes round trip to get to the gym, workout, shower and come home but you will gain so much stress relief it is absolutely worth it.

4) Don't drink to excess and don't eat a ton of rubbish. I get it and I'm definitely guilty of it as well from time to time. It's super tempting to have loads of beers, eat pizza and generally eat terribly when you're under pressure. Once in a while is fine, but waking up with a hangover is really not going to help you when you want to get back to revision. Eat something healthy that will help power your brain.

5) Schedule in a return to revision session with a friend or a tutor. That way there is a non-negotiable time for you to get back into the swing of things. Until it begins just relax and let the knowledge you've already gained sink in.

6) Be kind to yourself. I think this is much easier said than done and I struggle with this massively. I always think before exams 'If only I'd done this extra bit of revision for...[insert ridiculous schedule no person would ever manage to keep up with]'. Ultimately you have done what you can with the time that you have. Just try to keep calm and remember you have been working really hard - otherwise you wouldn't have burnt out in the first place!

7) For me, my burnout came from stress. I think it's super important to keep some perspective and remind yourself it really isn't the end of the world, no matter what happens.

Hope they go well and good luck.


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