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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Luxe travel destinations

For this months #travellinkup I've been reminiscing about the best luxury trips I've been on and damn it has been depressing haha, but I also can't wait to see what other places people share for me to add to the bucket list. I think the place where you have breakfast with the giraffes is probably going to pop up quite a bit because yanoo...that has to be a life highlight and I would love to go there!

My top trips have been really easy to pull together because some places have just stood out so much in terms of the quality of accommodation and things to do. Number one has to be the beautiful Paris but it is closely followed by St. Petersburg; I really ummed and ahhed between them for a while but in the end the Parisian accommodation just could not be beaten.

Top 1: The Pullman, Paris

I think you can see why it won. In terms of location it's the best. This was taken from the view of the balcony and I've just attached a small video so you can see what the interior was like. I would really recommend staying here because it was fun to be so close and it was nice to get some lovely photos. We had booked another room and got upgraded to this amazing suite so I was with my sister but I think it would be great for a romantic mini break. Book here. We loved waking up and checking out the tower with our coffees and having wine on the balcony at night. It just felt really lovely.

Also if anyone has any tips on how to get these instagram posts in the middle of my blog please tell me because I am constantly fighting a losing battle over here haha. 

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Top 2: St. Petersburg

Love. Love. Love

This one I picked purely for the things to do and the people we met rather than the accommodation. Don't get me wrong, the accommodation was nice enough but St.Petersburg is just phenomenal. I honestly had no idea that there was so much to see or that Russians were so nice? We had a brilliant time and saw the most beautiful architecture. My favourite was this church ^^ which was built as a memorial and the man who built it genuinely moved the river to have it built...and I can't even get a text back.

Russia is so underrated it's unbelievable. If you haven't been then you really need to add it to your list...also if you're not convinced they even have a palace filled with cats haha.

Top 3: Montenegro

We stayed here and it was great. Not so great was finding out everyone else had got it on secret escapes (#fml) a few months before haha but we still enjoyed it. I would really recommend it but you absolutely need to hire a car if you are the type of person that likes to do lots of activities on holiday (I do personally). This is perfect for one of those holidays where you just want to switch off. You can walk to some restaurants and bars so a great place to lounge, catch up on books and spend time with a special someone. I'd say it's definitely more for couples than families.

Top 4: Budget friendly

Then for those budget lovers (I know you, I understand you and for the majority of the year I totally am you haha) then there's this fab luxe shephard hut thats a bit more in range; Glamping but actually comfortable and with a proper bed and everything. I stayed here in winter when it was snowing and had a great time going for walks and relaxing. I was worried it would be freezing but because of the fire we were lovely and warm the whole time...plus we could make smores. Would be great for a summer barbecue though so I will have to head back at some point.

Also on my hot list:

Chateau Rhianfa: One day. This place looks stunning and I've been wanting to go for ages it's just that I've been budgeting for my massive trip in a couple of months to Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane, Vanatu and then Oktoberfest so yanoo...the pennies need to be stacked up for a while haha but I can't wait to make it here eventually. I think it seems reasonable mid-week it's just that I can only get there at the peak periods it seems.

So what are you favourite places? I can't wait to go to them either!


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  1. Amazing trips! I love a good shepherds hut and Montenegro looks gorgeous - I'm hoping to do a day trip there soon when I'm in Croatia. Can't wait!


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