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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The Travel Archives: The swimming monkeys of Bangkok

Since I posted about diving in Thailand last week, and I'm currently procrastinating from revision haha, I thought it would be fun to reminisce on my trip to Thailand. 

I went to Thailand over Christmas about 2 years ago and once of the highlights was getting to feed the swimming monkeys. It was legit the best day ever.

We did this at Samut Songkhram. It cost us about £30 for the 4 of us and it was so worth it. We had to buy the peanuts separately but they cost, yanoo, peanuts, so it really was fine. We had tried to go to the floating markets before but the tickets were £100 per person which is a) super expensive and b) really extortionate for Thailand especially so I was glad it wasn't all like that.

It took a while for the monkeys to notice we were coming but they were so excited. It was lovely actually - I bet they get pretty chubby in the summer holidays haha. When we went there were only a few other boats so the monkeys hung out with us for ages. We actually thought we had gone to the wrong place initially because when we got out at the pier there was no one around. I'm glad it all worked out and we weren't just on someone's random boat haha.

We even had some hitchhikers:

Including one cutie that looked like he was trying to make a grab for the camera.

The macaques were all splashing around, playing and eating. It looked like they were really enjoying cooling off in the river because it was absolutely boiling!

The babies <3 <3 <3

We had an amazing time and I would definitely recommend it. I was a bit nervous because monkeys can be a bit violent but the fisherman on the boat stopped them from taking our cameras/sunglasses etc. for a swim so I was really glad he was there.

After we had gone we headed back home to cool off in the pool and enjoy a few frozen coconut cocktails!



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