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Thursday, 21 June 2018

Flying a plane

So yesterday I learnt to fly a plane! I love flying. A while ago I was thinking of becoming a pilot because I love the feeling of flying so much. I ended up not going for it but it was still really fun to have a go. I've done it a few times and it just doesn't get old.

I didn't apply for the pilot school in the end because you have to get a giant loan to cover it (underwritten by the airline company and repayable only when you have the job...but still) and also because I travel away a lot for work and to be honest, it's put me off a bit.

Anyway, back to the point. I had a go at flying in a 4-seater which meant I could drag my partner along with me 'for the experience'. Ha! Who are we kidding? He was only asked so I could get photos for the blog haha. He guessed the real motive right away but went along with it anyway which was nice. Gotcha!

I was a bit nervous before we headed up because little planes always look a little bit like they're going to fall apart don't they? I think when your sat in the equivalent of a big armchair on a massive Boeing you feel like it will all be fine but on a piddly little plane it feels like if a pidgeon shits on it the thing will be overweighed and fall down haha! Just me?! So I was nervous but my instructor did the take off really smoothly and I am sat down writing this in one piece so it was a success overall.

Flying it was a bit like playing mario kart - you move the controller even a tiddly bit and the plane reacts. The most difficult bit was staying level...which sounds like it should be easy but isn't since there are loads of hills so you can feel close to the ground even if your at 3000ft. I was wibbling about all over the place because we hit turbulence. The instructor took over at one point, and I looked back at my partner and was like 'Don't be worried, just start praying and you'll be fine' to unnerve him haha. Didn't work anyway but yanoo...I tried.

The views were phenomenal as well. We flew over my old university and our house which was really fun. Let me show you what everything looks like from high up!

These were taken from just under 3000 feet. I did a parachute jump a while ago from this height and I remember when they opened the plane door I was like...it's high up but it doesn't seem high enough? I always thought all the buildings would be like ants from so high but it's amazing how much you can see.

That pretty much concludes the adventure. If you're thinking of giving it a go you can find an experience day here. I had a great time and it would be such a fun present for someone.


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