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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

My favourite apps

I thought I would share my favourite apps with you. If you have any recommendations hit me up. I tend to download loads and loads whenever I get a new phone contract...and then proceed to use about 5 of them. No matter how many clear outs I do to save storage space, these apps stay with me.


This app lets you book last minute cancellations for appointments.
I've was completely resistant to it for a while because I really trusted
my hairdresser...but then she wasn't free and I really needed to go ASAP so I used it. Since then I've been addicted and had my nails done as well a few bits and bobs for my hair.
I got lucky for my roots as well because last time I got one of the senior colourists who took the time to speak with
me at length about my hair and what would suit best. She suggested
a root breaker which I've never had before but love! It's where
about 10 minutes before they take out the dye they put it all
between the foils so it looks more natural. I think I'm going to ask for
it every time now.


Such a lovely app. Especially for people like me who are allergic
to slowing down for a minute 
because they're so desperate to
finish their 
to-do lists. Honestly I can already see me on my
deathbed thinking 'why was I so worried 
about everything...all
the time?'...but I guess 
that's just the way I'm wired. I've found
app really useful for getting to sleep if I'm feeling nervous and
just generally being a bit 
more mindful. I love that now mental
health is 
talked about so openly in the media and definitely
good mental health is something that 
needs to be fostered. I sent my
bestie this as 
a one month subscription when she was going through
a hard time recently and I love that it's a proactive way to be a bit
more supportive in times when you can't physically be there for
your pals. My fave mini packs are 'Unwind' and 'Managing Anxiety'
and they are great for just before bed.


Oh my god. I'm so mad at myself for not knowing about this
earlier. It's great. Basically you can exchange all your holiday
spends on it at the exchange rate so no bank fees! For a travel
blogger it's an absolute must. I dread to think about the amount
of money I wasted because I just had no idea of what to do and was
too scared to sign up to anything bank wise.
There's a premium membership and a free membership
on Revolut...I'm on the freebie since I hate spending cash on
things that could be used for trips. That means I can withdraw a
set amount at a cashpoint each day without a fee but if I exceed
it there's a (smaller than my bank fee) charge. The cards are
also contactless mastercards as well. It's basically a prepaid travel
card so for me it's great. I really like it but here is where you
can read about it from someone with a money hat on.


I use this app a lot so I think it definitely deserves to be on the
list. Lets be honest, I'm only here for the 1 night free for every
10 booked haha, but since I travel so much for work this app
is so great. I love it! I don't use it if I can get the hotel for
cheaper elsewhere but if I can't then it's just the best. When I don't use this then I swear by AirBnB.

The only thing that I do for hotels every time without fail is
check them on Trip Advisor for the reviews before I press book.
It can be such a lifesaver. I just like to know what to expect
and how the 'amazing location' actually is i.e. does '5 minutes
to central' actually mean 'Great if you hate sleep. If the trains were
any closer they'd be through the building' etc.

Photoshop Express

Love. Love. Love. I use VSCO for editing photos but I think this
app is great for taking mediocre photos and making them
high-definition and beautttiful. I use sharpen, rotate and exposure
the most and find it makes my photos look a bit more snappy.

For phone pics I think this app is amazing for just raising them up
to the next level and making them almost as good as on my
Canon powershot G9X (my go-to for the blog pics).  US link here.

There are a lot of filters but I'm addicted to VSCO for those
because yanoo...trying to get my 'gram looking all cohesive and that.
I think you can purchase add ons but I personally think you can
get everything you want editing wise for free if you're prepared
to spend an extra 30 seconds using another app.

Space Corgi

Not useful. Not even a little bit...but for some reason I just find
this addictive little game hilarious.

You manoeuvre a corgi (but I've upgraded to a Pomeranian now
from collecting points *hair flick* )  around space to collect
coins with little bones on and I don't know why I love it so much
but I just do.

 What are your top apps?


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