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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Ultimate summer wardrobe shopping guide

Welcome to my summer wardrobe shopping guide. Let me know your favourites! As I've said before these are affiliate links (all of them on my blog are) and that means I get a small percentage if you buy something but it doesn't cost you anything extra.

1) These are on there way to me right now in the post and I can't wait. I love those wide legged trousers when people can mistake them for a skirt but they're really practical and you don't have to panic if there's a gust of wind haha..

2) This little slinky number. I've got a girls trip coming up to Turkey soon and I am so excited because I've been having a bit of a time recently and I'm really looking forward to some one on one time with my best friend. Thinking with this I can basically maximise the tanning potential for when I'm not on the beach as well.

3) This little tea dress just needs some cocktails to go with it doesn't it? Also it's from missguided (the love island stockists this year) so hopefully we will get to see it on there. I was against watching love island for years but 3 episodes in I'm an absolute addict..all thanks to Megan and the drama haha. I really hope Laura gets someone nice in the end because she is my favourite.

4) My favourite shoe brand in the world. I swear by fit flops; They are so so comfortable that I actually wear them as slippers in my house (the flip flop ones). I'm glad they've started making them look so pretty now. It's just nice to know that you can wear new shoes all day and not be in pain at the end. I have no idea how I wore heeled sandals all day when I was younger, I also bought some work shoes from here and I am really looking forward to my feet not killing at the end of the day. Will be much better than what I do at the moment which is wear heels at work and trainers on the way to and from the office haha.

5) The sexiest swimsuit ever. It's a secretly slimming one from marks and spencer. I can't actually believe how great it looks because I always forget about M&S but they actually do really nice stuff now. I'm so relieved it's payday hahah.

6) Birkies. So comfy. Great for any trips when you know you will be walking all day. I think the toe ridge takes a few days to get used to but once you've cracked it you wont want to wear anything else.

7) This cute beach cover-up. There's something dead glam about a kaftan isn't there? I like the idea of wafting about swangling my arms around haha.

8) A scalloped swimsuit. I'm glad these are in fashion because I think the scalloping is really delicate and looks so pretty.

9) Bloody hell. I could never pull off something like a jumpsuit because my figure is like a marshmallow. For those glamorous enough, this is the link...and know that I am very jealous!

10) Ten. Ten. Tens across the board for this cute polka dot dress. (RuPauls Drag Race Finale tonight and I am excited...can you tell?)

11) This mustard yellow backpack for a splash of colour in the wardrobe. This would be really nice for a hiking trip I think. I've got a lot of time for useful but pretty items.

12) Cute button-up tee. Only £4 as well. Newlook is great for those basics isn't it?

13) For those who like something fancy a sailors knot in 22 carat gold....let me just leave this tab open on my partner's computer haha.

14) This knotted dress looks so elegant; I think would be great on the beach; Plus it's linen and cotton as well so would be a nice cool down under the heat this summer.

15) An uber-cool demin jacket for the cooler nights. This one's in the sale at the moment for H&M and I love it. It's weird isn't it how when you're at home you can be boiling in 25 degrees but on holiday if its that temperature at night you're scrabbling about for a cover up haha.

16) A pretty fan you so don't have to waft your passport on your face manically to cool down.

17) A headwrap to keep greasy fronds, humidity and a lack of batiste from ruining the holiday snaps. I've been there too haha. Definitely a great one if you have a fringe.

18) Love. 

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