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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Landing in Sydney

A short and sweet post today. The powers-that-be of blogging say no posts should ever be more than 1000 words but I love to talk so can never normally be on board with that. Today is a different story haha (a.k.a I’m a bit hungover).

I’d been meaning to come to Australia for years so planned a mammoth trip. Starting in Sydney, then Cairns, Brisbane and Vanuatu (a little island) before returning to Sydney for a few days.

When I landed in Sydney I was exhausted; It had taken 30 hours door to door and I can’t even tell you how nice it was to be out of the airport. I have the best ever travelling rucksack but I was concerned I’d lost it; It looks like one of those 90 litre backpacks but has a zip that goes all the way round so you don’t have to unpack everything to find what you need AND a pulley on wheels. So far I’ve never seen anyone else with one and I don’t understand it because it’s the best…unfortunately in Sydney quite a lot of people had it from my flight so I would see what I thought was my bag disappear round the corner and never come back. I was thinking someone had taken it until it happened about 3 more times until finally one rucksack remained…and that one was mine haha. Thank god. There is nothing worse than losing everything when you land.

I caught a taxi to my friends apartment by Bondi Beach, dropped the bags and we went out for brunch at PREACH café which was so good. Lattes and avo toast have never been so needed; I was starving and was having an internal struggle with myself not to inhale my food. My friend got one of those buddha bowls which also looked amazing so I will have to get it when I get back to Sydney.

We had a wander round the beach and caught up. She’s been living here for 4 years now with her partner whereas I’m still in the UK but have been wanting to live abroad so it’s been a while! I’m so grateful they let us stay with them; It’s helped make what would be an uber expensive trip petty affordable.

Her partner, Daryl, drove us to town and we caught a ferry to the Opera House where we stopped for drinks. You do everything with Opal cards which are their version of Oyster’s so it’s really easy to get around. As we were on the boat the sun was setting and when we turned the corner – boom the Opera House was there. 

We had drinks at the bar there and it was amazing – there was a band playing and we were sat outside listening to them with the Opera House in the background. I just couldn’t believe we were finally there. It just felt so nice like finally it's happening!

That night I slept so well and woke feeling like a new person. I know people usually say they slept like a baby but I don’t get it because babies are always waking up??? So I slept like a dead person and it was amazing. I woke up feeling human and not really jetlagged which was great because there was a day of drinking ahead.

First we caught the Ferry to Manley beach which I would recommend because it’s really nice there. We had a drink at the Wharf Bay Hotel (right by the ferry stop) whilst we waited for some other people to arrive before heading to the New Brighton Hotel rooftop bar for food and beers with an amazing view of the beach and manly.

Then we headed to the glasshouse (the rooftop of the Hotel Steyne) and this was my favourite bar. It was beautifully decorated inside and the rooftop section there was really cool. 

Finally we headed back to the wharf bay hotel for coffee martinis, watched the sunset and caught the last ferry back. Was such a great start to what has so far been, one of my best trips.

Catch you later (it's a week til I can post but then back to normal),



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