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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Lonely Planet my top destinations and a giveaway!

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After reading a couple of posts like this I thought it would be fun to do go through the Lonely Planet list and see how many experiences I'd been on. I got 78 at the end which I was buzzing about until I remembered it's out of 500 *tiny tears*. Still, I'm only a third of the way through my life goal of visiting 100 countries so there's life in the old dog yet haha.

Here's my round up of my top experiences and as a little prize for getting all the way through I'm doing my first ever giveaway. Feels really weirdly official because I've been meaning to do this giveaway for absolutely ages. Entry details are at the bottom of this post.

I'm not going to do a post on each one because I don't think even Usain Bolt has the stamina required to get through something like that haha so here is my round up of my fave Lonely Planet Experiences. Just a disclaimer like this isn't meant to be a humblebrag or smug or anything like that, I just thought it would be a bit of fun and might get some of you thinking about your next trip and what you might want to see next. If there's something you'd like to see a blog post about let me know as otherwise I tend not to write about past trips.

Kruger National Park - The best place on earth. I would visit every year if I could. Maybe if I'm loaded one day I can get a holiday home just outside and cruise in every day. I used to work in S. Africa and going on Safari was hands down the best experience I had in my time there.

Great Wall of China - Absolutely amazing. I went years ago so have no blog worthy pictures (I think I was on a blurry blackberry phone camera - anyone else used to have those?!) but I remember the experience so well. Just an FYI if you're visiting though - they are some giant steps so get yourself to the gym pronto to prepare. I was scrabbling up clutching my water bottle for dear life. If any petite gals are reading this get those squats practised haha.

Taj Mahal - You can read all about it here

Great Barrier Reef - This is my next trip and I am so excited. I'm not sure I will go diving because my partner is a bit scared of it but we have a snorkel trip booked and can't wait to see how it goes. Maybe it will be the gateway drug into diving for him haha.

Coliseum - I love Rome. This is probably one of my top 10 travel experiences ever because I remember turning a corner on a normal street and BOOM everything was there and I was just floored by it.

Sagrada Familia - So much fun exploring Barcelona and this was the cherry on top. It feels like you are stepping back in time and it's not even finished yet.

The Pyramids of Giza - Unbelievable. Absolutely breathtaking and something I will remember until the day I die. If you haven't been you need to get there because it's definitely something you need to have on the bucketlist.

Charles Bridge - Ah memories from Prague <3 I remember it was such a funny trip because I went with my friend and it turned out to be ridiculously romantic. I never managed to get romantic trips when I go away with my partner but put me with a friend and you can guarantee there will be perfect weather, stars and someone playing violins or something haha.

Lake District - I think the Lake District is the best place in England. I'm lucky to live a distance where I can get there and back in a weekend because there really is no where nicer to visit. The scenery is fantastic and it's the place I recommend to people visiting England every time.

Eiffel Tower - How could I leave off the most romantic place on the planet? I thought Paris was a lot of fun and we stayed in a great hotel I would recommend. You can read all about it here.

Table Mountain, South Africa - One of the best trips I've ever been on. Let me know if you want a blog post.

The Hermitage, St. Petersburg - Amazing. This is where they had a museum floor specifically for cats <3.

Royal Mile, Edinburgh - Edinburgh is amazing. I'd recommend the witchery because it genuinely feels like your in Harry Potter haha.

Blue Lagoon, Great Geysir and Gulfoss, Iceland. I really liked Iceland but I didn't think it was as *groundbreaking* as people seem to make it out to be? I dunno, is it just me? I loved the sights but I just found thought the landscape was quite barren and harsh between the things to see...Am I the only one who just didn't get it? I'm glad I went because the Northern Lights were nice but you know those photos you see of all the bright colours? It's all photoshop! I was so shocked to find that out. Don't get me wrong, they were nice and everything but overall Iceland wasn't what I expected.

Golden Gate Bridge - I love San Francisco. My best mate lives there so I love to visit and I have so many great memories just laughing with her about random bits and bobs. Last time I was at the bridge it was Christmas day and we spent the day in a bar getting to pour our own pints and going to a Christmas dinner of greasy greek food - perfect.

Terracotta Warriers - I saw these in Xian and it was amazing but if that's out of your budget, don't panic because some warriers have taken leave for a trip and they are touring at the moment.

Lake Geneva - Had a fab time here. The water is so clear is ridiculous. They bottle evian there and you can see why straight away.

Drakensburg Mountains - An amazing place to visit. You can also do a day trip from here to Lesotho via this pass of absolute terror haha...but you do get a passport stamp so it's worth it haha. We combined this with a trip to Durban and absolutely loved it.

Loch Lomond - One of the gems of Scotland. Loch Lomond National Park is basically lots of those 'wow' views all bunched together. It's a good place to visit if you haven't been to Scotland before and want to see the highlands in all their glory.

Church of our saviour on spilled blood, St. Petersburg - Just stunning. I would massively recommend St Petersburg in general as well because it was great fun to visit with lots to do and good value for money.

Luxemburg - The tiny tiny place. I remember going here on an interrail trip where we did a treasure hunt round Europe. The clue we got meant we couldn't stay there for long but I still remember it as one of the highlights. It has a proper fairytale castle and everything.

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro. This was a really beautiful place to visit and I would definitely recommend it. It was cheap as well which helps because who doesn't like cocktails when they're sat in the sun?

Well done on making it through that!

The giveaway is for the Ultimate Travelist Book by Lonely Planet.

I will post it worldwide. Entries are open from now and will close in one months time. I will dm the winner on instagram so keep a look on your messages. If you don't respond within a week with your address it will go to the next person and so on.

To enter:

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If you want to see how many you've got to on the list then I used this site. Let me know in the comments what your numbers are and where's next on your list!


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