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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Summer coolers: Watermelon froze cocktails

I was going to post this tomorrow but figured since we are celebrating England's win at the minute, there might be a few of you having bbq's tonight.

You're welcome.

In the blistering heat these watermelon froze slushies are the absolute dream. They're so easy, quick and impressive. I'm going to take these to the next bbq I go to because they look like a lot more effort than they are.

If you want to make them then it's so easy, all you need is:
Ripe watermelon (1/4)
Rose wine (Muscato) or regular Rose and add in some sugar to taste
A blender

Thats it! 

It's so easy.

First chop up your quarter melon. Leave a little slice to top the glasses because you may as well - if your making cocktails you want the 'wow' factor. 

Then dice the rest and add to the blender.

Add in the same amount of ice. 

Now time to pour in the rose. 

I poured in two glasses and that made up 4 glasses of the watermelon froze in the end so multiply/divide as you want. 

Then blitz everything together.

Stop when it looks like this. The ice should be broken up so you get that 'slushy' texture.

That's it!

So easy.

Pour into glasses and top with a little slice of watermelon.

I hope you enjoy them sat in the sun with someone lovely,


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