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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Switching off

So I was having a bit of a terrible time recently and I really needed to switch off. A day at Thorseby Hall Spa was perfect timing for a bit of a detox as well after spending a few weekends in a row drinking these...

I actually woke up to an email telling me I'd got ordained after that night out, before this arrived in the post:

I was absolutely creasing with laughter before thinking...yeah... bit of orange juice isn't going to cut it for a detox now is it? Haha.

Let me show you what we got up to on our day out.

After a bit of a frantic start with a rude receptionist having a go at my friend for not being able to get the voucher even though we'd emailed it over we eventually sorted it. There was no wifi in reception so my friend couldn't get it for a while and they were making it really awkward. We had to go straight for lunch; Sea bass followed with cakes and prosecco. The food wasn't amazing but the prosecco made it all seem a lot nicer and we started to relax.

After that the day got much better. We were all pretty happy with the number of treatment rooms we could have a go in because there's nothing worse than a 'spa' which is just a pool with a tiny sauna. Since spas are usually quite expensive, you want there for be a while and be able to make the most of it; There was a couple of steam rooms, a pool, heated hydropool, sauna, ice cave, an outside area for sunbathing and an inside lounge area in a conservatory. We got changed into our robes, had a glass of bucks fizz and started to really chill.

(I just got acrylics for the first time ever so clutching this was a major achievement; I had no idea they would feel so tender and uncomfortable initially - I couldn't even get my bank card out of my wallet to pay for them after, the lady in the salon had to help me haha! It's now day 2 of the nails and they feel like they are mine and don't hurt anymore - even did gardening and everything this morning and is easy to type etc.)

I haven't got pictures of the inside area because I didn't want to be disrespectful of other people but I managed to get a snap of the conservatory lounge area. I was so relaxed that I actually fell asleep in here for ages; So nice to be wrapped in a fluffy robe and sitting in the sun.

My favourite was the steam rooms because I can't hack the dry heat of saunas at all but I love the idea of getting rid of all the toxins. After I went straight to the ice room to cool down which felt amazing. We just spent the afternoon hanging out in the hydropool and sitting outside in the sun. I think it's good to go to spas because you're forced to relax and at home even if I'm sat down I'm still thinking at 1000 miles an hour. Definitely a much needed break.

What are your fave uk spas? I enjoyed thorseby but I still prefer Hazlewood castle and Titanic.


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