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Saturday, 25 August 2018

Flying foxes at Tolga Bat Hospital, Cairns

Bats have such a bad rep considering they're basically birds wearing jackets. They look cuter, eat mozzies and like going out at night...hardly a crime is it?

I don't really understand why people get a bit funny about them. Yeah, if you get bitten you need to go to a hospital in case of disease but that's the case for loads of wild animals. To get bitten by a bat would be difficult anyway so I don't understand the fear unless you spend your spare time swangling your arms about holding bags full of flies? In which case...getting bitten by a is probably not your main problem in life...

If you are scared of them, just watch this video of a baby flying fox wrapped up like a burrito eating grapes. Eating breakfast in bed? Relatable and cute.

I rescued a pipistrelle a few years ago and had her taken to a sanctuary to get released; She was about the size of 50p coin, incredibly cute and fluffy. Since then I have been a fully fledged (solo) member of the non-official bats fan club haha. 

They are intelligent, social and cute; Whats not to like?

When I was in Cairns we extended our time in the Atherton Tablelands so we could visit Tolga bat hospital. You have to go on an organised tour to see them so I gave them a call in the morning and even though it was last minute and no one else was coming they let us go down to visit.

It was great. We got taken around the whole sanctuary and shown different bat species up close while we were told about their behaviours and diets. Since we were alone we got to ask loads of questions and it was so fun. We met so many bats but the best thing for me was seeing the flying foxes. I think they are the sweetest looking because they have quite dog-like faces, massive eyes and chubby cheeks. As a fellow hamster cheeked individual I have a lot of sympathy for anything else with a fat face haha.

My favourite moment was when this overweight lady bat steamed over to the food ignoring all the other bats having little chats in groups...I think she could be my spirit animal haha.

If you are converted then I'd recommend heading down.


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