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Monday, 13 August 2018

Lunch at Sydney Opera House

On our last full day in Sydney we decided to really treat ourselves with lunch at Bennelong, inside Sydney Opera House. We wanted to see the city skyline in the sunlight so made a lunch reservation. It was $135 AUD each for a 3 course meal excluding drinks but was definitely worth it for the experience. Australia is expensive in general anyway so I was expecting to pay a lot for extras but they had a malbec for $15 dollars a glass which was great and we were given complimentary water and fresh bread while we looked at the menu. Luckily we got a table right by the window so we could look at the city and do some people watching. It did make it so much nicer being so I would definitely ask for that if you end up going. My favourite thing was that it wasn't pretentious.; There's nothing I hate more than places where you feel uncomfortable or awkward so I was relieved that the staff were all really friendly.

We each had 3 courses; I started with the Princess Chalotte Bay bug dumpling (yeah I didn't have a clue what that was either haha), it came with hispi cabbage, nori udon and brown butter. It looked beautiful, the filling was juicy and it was delicious. I love it when they put flowers on the food; They never taste of anything but they look great don't they - I need to get some to throw on brunches when my mates come round so they'll make me dead fancy dinners in return haha.

My partner had the Eugowra quail with pumpkin rice, crispy skin, chestnut and pepitas. The bastard wouldn't let me get a photo of it because he was embarassed...it's fine, after a bit of wine he turned right round so you'll see the other courses at least haha. He did say that it was delicious and it must've been really nice because a while ago we had pet quail and he loved them so much so I was a bit surprised when he ordered it. Just an FYI if you're thinking of having them as pets - don't. They're cute to look at but really really stupid so not much fun.

Next we had our main course; I ordered the whole roasted Tiger flathead tail. I love seafood and especially being right on the coast, I knew it would be great quality. It came with grilled cucumbers, verjuice, coastal greens and the most amazing sauce - it was like caramelised butter and so more-ish. When it was served the waiter asked me if I'd had flathead tail before and when I said I hadn't he told me how to remove the tail and gave me a small hand towel for after which was a nice touch. It was so good, beautifully flaky with a meaty texture which I loved.

My partner ordered the roast wagyu rump cap, served with cipollini and buckwheat pudding and a horseradish emulsion. He's a born and bred Yorkshireman so I dont think genetically or morally he can turn down a yorkshire pudding haha. He really enjoyed it and said the meat was tender. I was impressed they managed to make a roast dinner look elegant haha.

Our mains came with greens and potatoes which I doused them in the caramel butter sauce. Delicious.

Next, it was time for dessert. I had the cherry jam lamington, a traditional sweet down under and it did not disappoint. Layers of sponge and jam covered in a chocolate ganash and surrounded by shaved coconut icecream. I really liked it and definitely think a fancy restaurant is a good place to try new food since you know it will be made well.

My partner had the chocolate cake 'from across the water'. As it was served, chocolate sauce was poured over the hard chocolate shell and pooled in the middle - biscuit, mousse and chocolate. I only managed to get a spoonful but it was decadent and looked beautiful.

After lunch we decided to skip coffees at Bennelong and instead head into the botanic gardens to walk off the amazing meal with some to-go cups from a street vendor.

It was a perfect goodbye...but not for long. As soon as I left I bought myself a year long visa and will be moving to Sydney in January, after a few months of travelling so expect to see more of Australia on here in a few months.



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