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Thursday, 30 August 2018

What to see in Cairns

Cairns was a great place to visit but I would hugely recommend hiring a car because the best things to see are a bit of a drive away (with the exception of the reef). I can see why it's popular with backpackers because it has a relaxed feel to it and there are a lot of places to hang out if you prefer more laid-back trips, but since we had a limited time, a car was essential.

For things to do just in Cairns itself, there's a lagoon with it's own beach, or you can hang out at the marina and grab a gelato at Mooz. There's a lot of bars and breakfast places (we loved Jafflehead for a hangover-breakfast) or if you fancy a night out, Gilligans was pretty good. If you're on a budget it's a great place to be because you can get a $5 dinner if you stay at the hostel or you can visit the night markets and grab a meal for a few dollars. For nicer meals you can walk around the Marina to the more family-orientated part of town or cook for yourself using the free bbq hotplates around the lagoon.

The best things we did in Cairns (except the reef) were Port Douglas, the rainforest, Josephine falls and cuddling a Koala but we needed a car for all of them.


 Port Douglas is a really nice day-trip to make if you have the time because the drive is really scenic and there are some beautiful beaches (4 miles beach and palm cove beach). 4 miles beach was one of the best beaches I've ever visited because there was just endless golden sand. The only thing I would say is that Cairns is full of mozzies and you would not want to sunbathe without some strong bug spray because on the beach we could see them landing on us every few minutes. Port Douglas itself has some shops and there was also a market on when we were there. I would recommend visiting just for something to do because Cairns town itself is pretty small. 


I loved this! If you want to visit the rainforest you can do a self-drive safari or go and stay there but since we only wanted to visit for a couple of hours we caught the cable car in to the rainforest. We travelled from Smithfield terminal and since it wasn't busy we got a pod to ourselves. The views were amazing. We were gliding over the canopy surrounded by mountains, at some points just metres above the trees and able to see the butterflies and birds flying around. I forgot my contact lenses and could still see loads so if you have 20/20 vision then a) I'm jealous and b) You will see so much great stuff. The cable car takes you to three stops; Red Peak, Barron Falls (with a 260 meter waterfall) and Kuranda which is a village in the rainforest. If I went again I'd swerve Kuranda because it was a bit 'meh' but I guess it's a nice time to grab a bite to eat. My friend went and said, and I quote 'it's the most instagrammable place' so yanoo...maybe it's down to preference.


This was recommended to us by our lovely host at Tide 9 and was one of the best things we did. We had a great time chilling out in the swimming pools and relaxing in the sun. It did get pretty busy later so I'd recommend going earlier in the morning or late in the afternoon. It's such a nice way to cool off from the heat but just an FYI the water is freezing. You can also go to Miilla miilla falls (and do the herbal essences hair flick haha).


You can't cuddle Koalas in New South Wales, so it's definitely a must-do in Queensland. It's supposed to be a pretty quick experience to make sure there's minimal stress to the Koala but they didn't account for my frizzy hair in the Cairns humidity; Poor little thing got its claw stuck for ages so I was just stood holding it; This emojii was me haha 😬. I wont share the photo because I'm so shiny I look like a little glazed doughnut haha but I did get some pictures feeding the kangaroos and wallabies which was also really fun. 


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