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Monday, 10 September 2018

Buggy adventure tour, Vanuatu

One of the most terrifying/fun things I did in Vanuatu was this off-road Buggy Tour.

It was so.much.fun.

Vanuatu was amazing to just relax and recharge the batteries...but if I don't do something for a few days I get restless, so this was the perfect antidote.

We needed a tour company that would come and collect us because we had no way to pay in cash. I had tried to get Vanuatu currency (Vatu) before we arrived but since it's not really a common destination I couldn't find anywhere that exchanged it. Not even on my trusty Revolut card *gasp*. I tried to get money out when we landed...but the ATM's were empty. Not even joking.

So we caught our pre-booked transfer to our beautiful resort but we couldn't leave! We didn't have any money to get a bus or taxi to find an ATM and we were really far from town so we were just chilling out doing nothing until we found Off Road Adventures. They were so nice when I explained the situation, said it happens all the time and that they would take us to at ATM before we started. Phew!

So the next day we got ready, caught the bus (they paid for it when we arrived) and then I got driven in one of the buggies to a working ATM *trumpeting music* so we could pay for our tour. In the two minutes it took to get there I was thinking 'what the f*** have I done?'. It was terrifying because we were in this little buggy on the road with all the other traffic and I was literally clinging on to the sides and thinking....😬😬😬. MISTAKE.

I was feeling really wary but went ahead with it because I didn't want to look like a complete wet noodle in front of my boyfriend. I also didn't want to go back to the resort because I was a bit over relaxing and doing nothing.

The worst bit was right at the start where I had to pull out on to the main road, covered in pot holes, and I couldn't find the biting point so there was just traffic sat waiting for me to get a grip. The buggy revved loads but I drove fine in the end, after the initial panic abated.

We drove on the main road for maybe 20 minutes before veering off and off-roading in a forest. It was so much fun and the scenery was amazing. We drove through the forest to a palm tree park that was being developed for another resort before stopping on the beach for a break. Our guide, Ace, was really friendly and easy to talk to so we really enjoyed ourselves.

After a break it was time to switch over and this time I was the passenger which was actually way more scary than driving because I was just clinging on and thinking 'F***!'.

We made it back a different route and by the end we were absolutely covered in dirt and mud, it was so fun. 

We got the bus back (again they paid for it) before heading back for the longest showers in the world.

We had a brilliant time and I would recommend it if you ever make your way to Vanuatu. For those interested, we did the Buggy blast tour.


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