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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Exploring Brisbane

Brisbane was a great city break and I could definitely see myself living there if I ever had the opportunity. There seemed liked there was always something going on and visiting was one of the highlights for me from my entire trip.

Don't mind little old me just sliding into the pic there...

 I didn't have any expectations for Brisbane before I came because I hadn't heard that much about it; I guess it's not really one of the must-see cities for tourists and more people go as expats maybe? I went with my partner because we wanted to see if we liked Australia before potentially coming out for a year so we were just wanting to go round some of the bigger cities and see what we thought.

We wandered about on our own for a couple of days before doing the free walking tour with Brisbane greeters; It meant we saw parts of the city we wouldn't have otherwise seen and gave us ideas for other places to visit. I think it would be great to do if you were in a bigger group or a family because we spent nothing, it lasted for about 2 hours and we were also given a 2 for 1 coffee voucher as well which was nice. There's loads of museums you can visit as well as the city hall so I think you could easily spend 4 to 5 packed days exploring if you're into more cultured trips.

I do like the occassional museum but there's no way I could visit them back to back so I was slightly wary there wouldn't be enough for us to do. Luckily we really enjoyed hanging out at Southbank and not soon after, found the beautiful artificial beach. There was even a mini rainforest right in the middle of the city as well as tons of bars so we had a great time haha.

(Went on the city wheel because I had a groupon...not even joking, I use them on trips and it's such a good way to save a bit of money.)

We stayed in the West End, so about 20 minutes walk from Southbank and both areas were really lively and full of restaurants, cool bars and weirdly...gyms? There were gyms everywhere, literally on every corner and so many packed in I don't know how it is worth running them. I don't think I went more than 300 metres without seeing one. People in Brisbane must love working out and drinking so if those are your hobbies then it is the place for you haha.

I think if you're in a couple or a solo traveller than the West End or Southbank would be the best places in the city to stay. We got an AirBnb that I'd booked so many weeks in advance that I had forgotten what it was like so I was so happy when I saw the amazing view from the balcony and, of course, there was a gym downstairs as well haha.

Food wise, we went to the night noodle markets which were on during our trip and they were great but the best place we ate at was Seafuel - it's a fish and chip restaurant but better. There's a huge list of options for the fish (all sustainable) and then you pick how you want it cooked, the salad it comes with and how you like your fries. We were sat outside people watching with this amazing food and cold wine and I was loving life haha.


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