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Friday, 14 September 2018

Island retreat: Brekkas Beach Resort, Vanuatu

Initially we'd planned to go to Fiji...until we looked at the flights. They were excessive and it was literally half the price to go to Vanuatu...so that decided it for us. Not knowing what to expect and having saved money by not going to Fiji we booked one of the nicer resorts and got ready to fully relax on 'island-time'.

It was absolute paradise. Coming from a week in a hostel I can't even describe how lovely it was in comparison.

(Dress here btw)

We stayed Brekkas Beach resort and I'd recommend it. I think it's one of the better resorts on the main island because when we caught the transfer from the airport we passed the others and they weren't that great looking or on the beach. They were building other resorts when we were there so there will hopefully be a bit more choice in the future but definitely at the moment this is one of the best.

The rooms are separate contained huts that are open air with outdoor showers. They have shutters and insect nets - but that's it. I loved it because it was so relaxing but it was loud with the birds and one night with some heavy winds so I wouldn't go here if there were high winds predicted - you would not sleep.

Inside the huts it did look lovely. The bed was amazing and so comfortable. So many pillows on the bed that you have to move them off to sleep...anyone else do this at home? I am also guilty haha. There was electricity sockets although, island wide, electricity did cut out every now and then. WiFi was available at the bar and beach but not in the rooms which normally would be fine but at the time my partner needed to get some work done so that was a little frustrating. I think that is the norm for Vanuatu though as it is quite 'rustic' in general and that's part of its charm. For the most part the fittings were great although some of the smaller details needed a bit of a refresh, again from speaking to other guests, this is normal for Vanuatu. 

We had a little outdoor seating area that was nice but we didn't really use it because there was the beach. You also can't see this in the photo but each hut has a small dunking stone bath so that you don't end up with sand everywhere.

The outdoor bathroom was great and I loved the outdoor shower. We also had little geckos in the bathroom and it was just fun to stay somewhere so different. 

We arrived and were instantly given welcome cocktails...so naturally I loved it haha.

Each day we did the same thing; Absolutely nothing. It was bliss. We relaxed, ate, drank and...that's about it to be honest haha.

We ate dinner on the beach every night, had drinks and watched the sunset. It was great to just get away from it all for a while. Beers were roughly $2 and cocktails around $5 but charged in Vatu and everything could be put on your tab so it was just so easy.

The resort had entertainment on for some of the nights which was free so we saw quite a few traditional dances.

All too soon it was time to fly back to Sydney for a couple of days before heading home *tiny tears*.

The only thing I would say is that everyone on Vanuatu is on island time...so if you want something, it will take a really long time...this wasn't specific to our resort as on our transfer back we heard the same thing from everyone else. I think it is worth bearing in mind though because I think it would be a frustrating place to visit if you were in a large group.


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