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Sunday, 14 October 2018

Celebrating Oktoberfest in Munich

 I had the best time at Oktoberfest. This 2-week long festival originated in Munich but now occurs all over Germany. For my best friends 30th we headed out to Munich to celebrate! I'd been wanting to visit for years ever since I learnt about it- after all what's not to love about pretzels that are bigger than your face and giant beer haha? 

I flew out on Friday night with Lufthansa. When I booked my flights in April they had been expensive but I'd thought 'It's because it's Oktoberfest' and accepted the price. I had to complete the booking on their website and due to my terrible German I had accidentally booked myself into business class, which I would never do normally because I'm a budget traveller. What a happy mistake! It was great and I wish I could fly like it all the time. I felt like a potato sat there in my chill-out clothes next to the very.important.business.people but I was loving life.

As soon as I landed I got on the train to meet my friend, had some drinks and headed to their apartment, The next day we visited Oktoberfest and I thought I would share it with you so that when you go, you can have the best trip.


Oktoberfest isn't actually in October...but it was back in 1810 when it originated. It's basically a big beer festival that happens in fixed tents for two weeks from the middle of September to the start of October.


The men were lederhosen and the girls wear dirndls. I think dirndls look good on all body shapes because they pull you in, cinch at the waist and then flair out. A nice one costs about 160 euros if you pick it up in Munich. I had bought mine online a few months prior because I knew I wouldn't have time to dirndl shop on landing and it was much cheaper, even with the shipping from Germany (literally half the cost). It would be nice to own an authentic one and keep it but it just didn't work this time.


Make sure your dirndl is a fabric that doesn't crease easily because you will be sat down for quite a while in the day. A darker colour is best if your someone who spills things on themselves haha.
The the bow properly. If you tie it on your right that means you're unavailable, to the left means you're single, the middle means you're undecided or a virgin and at the back means you are a waitress. 
Do not put your dirndl on until right before you leave the house. The outfit is a blouse, the dirndl dress and then an apron. Because you're layered and cinched you will feel very warm; Great for sitting on the tables outside and inside the tents but a bit too cosy for being in the house.
You can have your hair however you want, up or down but some girls had plaited flowers in the their hair or had milk braids and looked beautiful.


Easy! You just catch the train and the tents are right outside Theresienwiese station. The trains are packed though, especially at night and so is Oktoberfest. We arrived early and stayed until late afternoon which was great because we got a table and could mill about without it being too crazy. When we were leaving we were caught in an huge crowd of packed people and it just seemed to be getting busier so if you are going at night or later in the day just bear in mind it may be a bit overwhelming, although you will still have a great time. 


It's a huge funfair with the beer tents, food stalls, rides and market stalls selling steins, trinkets and gingerbread. I thought it would only be the beer tents so it was a bit of a surprise to see it all.

The tents are huge fixed wooden structures with long tables inside and we went in one that even had a band stand above the bar and a little platform to dance on. There are also tables outside, which seemed to be slightly easier to get.

Book a table if you can! We managed to grab one and then we gradually all squeezed our way on. As soon as you have a table, you have a waiter and they are each responsible for one table only so even if there are 2 side by side and you have a lot of people, you need to squish onto one to get served as a group.

The waiters can stack and carry a ridiculous amount of steins all at once bearing in mind that each one is 1litre of beer. Our waiter carried 12 at a time and it is stressful to watch haha.

Each tent is different so check first which one you would like to go to. We had skipped breakfast so we went to one that served nice food as well as beers so we could pace ourselves. We also went into the only tent that doesn't serve beer later on which is a dessert and cocktail tent but there are tents for everyone like a family friendly one etc.


We were really careful not to go over our limits but on the way out we passed a hill just covered in broken little figures from people who had a little too much fun. The steins are just over 2 pints of beer so be aware.

Have fun!



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