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Saturday, 6 October 2018

Visiting Krakow

I was in Krakow last week after accidentally booking the wrong city when I planned to visit my friend. What felt like such a stupid mistake initially, ended up being really fun. I loved Krakow and would massively recommend it for both solo and group travellers. I personally think 3 days would be the optimum time as I had 4 and was running out of things to do in the end. Here's my tips for making the most of your time there.


A free walking tour; There are lots to choose from but I went with Good Cracow and I'd recommend them. It's a great thing to do in a new city because you always see places you wouldn't otherwise and it gives you a lot of ideas for everywhere else. 

Architecture; The city has a lot of gothic buildings like the barbican, St Mary's Basilica, the city walls, the University, Castle and churches, so if you like history and wandering around, you could happily spend a day exploring (which is what we did).

Markets; There are lots of these around the city and were so nice to look around. You can have a horseshoe carved or dice made by blacksmith while you watch, pick up beautiful pottery or stock up on their amazing cheese (which tastes like smoked halloumi). Beer is everywhere and very cheap.

Aushwitz; I visited on one of the days and even though it was very sad I did find it interesting, you can read about how to get there in my previous post because it was not as straightforward as you'd think!

Salt Mines; I didn't go because in the hostel I'd heard it was so busy that it wasn't enjoyable and I wanted to have a more relaxed experience. I used to try do everything all the time but it would always make me feel exhausted at the end so I try to be a bit kinder to myself. If you want to go then arrive first thing when it opens or go as late in the day as you can to avoid the crowds.


I stayed in a beautiful AirBnB with my friends for the first night which was located close to the centre. After my friends had gone I moved to Bubble Hostel. I enjoyed it because it was of the cleaner hostels I've stayed in, had free breakfast and the staff were friendly. I would mention that the showers have all the vigour of a watering can and the building is a little weird looking but overall it was nice. It's close though to a lovely cafe where you can get one drink and sit for hours and I liked being able to go there at night just to spend a bit of time relaxing outside of the hostel room.


Urban Deli and Peirogarnia were both excellent and cheap. Urban Deli has a mix of Polish and Western dishes while Peirogarnia serves only Periogi; We had them stuffed with turkey, cabbage and mushroom (which I don't usually rate as a combo but it was actually really nice) and potato and chive. Peirogarnia would be great for both groups and solo travellers but if you're on your own I'd swerve Urban Deli and head for the market stalls next to the Basilica where they serve huge portions of grilled meats, peroigi and my favourite - fried cheese which comes either wrapped in bacon, or with local jam. If you are on a strict budget, you can pick up a polish bagel covered in cheese or sesame seeds for 1.80-2zl, which is roughly 40 pence.

It would be a great place to take someone away to because everything was cheap from the acommodation to the food to the activities. Don't do what I did and take someone to Switzerland haha - I have such regret for my wallet and wish I'd made it to Krakow instead.



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